Berlingo Van - 03 1.9d - timing chain? - sweepy
Im in the process of buying a berlingo 1.9d van with 79000 on the clock, when I asked if the timing belt had been done recently the dealer said it had a timing chain and didn't need regular changing. Is he correct?

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03 1.9d citroen timing chain? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Honest John's FAQ says only the Citroen C1 has a timing chain.
03 1.9d citroen timing chain? - sweepy
thanks for that quick response, if its got the belt then I assume that'll need changing at least at 70000, anyone give me a ballpark figure what it'll cost at an independant?
03 1.9d citroen timing chain? - adverse camber
the 2.0 hdi has 100,000 mile change intervals. Citroen dealer quoted me £200 over the phone.

I know thats a different engine, but the same vehicle - also the HDi needs a new crank pulley as part of the change.

Gives you an upper limit.

Edit to say that if the dealer is giving info that incorrect then you need to reduce the price by the cost or think of looking elsewhere.

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