2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dean
Help we are coming to the end of our tether.We got the fiesta 1.4 tdci 3 years ago with approx 25,000 on the clock ran lovely for the first 2 1/2 years.We had wheel bearing done at 30,000 miles then water pump shortly after.A bit of the air con unit fell off last year.Then the fun began.In July 08 we developed an intermittent ticking which went when the engine warmed up.Then we started to get diesel fumes in the car.Went to two garages one said number 3 injector had gone the other said all the seals needed replacing.Had the seals replaced with the brushes/bushes and returned with a distinct lack of power.Could just get up to 70mph ticked over ok no smell of fumes but nowhere near the same amount of power.Cut a long story short car has been back and forth up to 15 times since.Its been on the ford diagnostic machine which shows no faults.The manifold cover was checked.It has been off the road since October after its last trip to the garage when they told me they had taken the injectors off to get them tested ( ? can the siemens system be tested) to be told all four injectors needed replacing.When I got it back the last time it could only just do 30mph with foot flat to floor on accelarator and it kept stalling never done that before.We have been told lots of waffle over the last few months.It has supposed to have had the exhaust cut in half to test the pressure,ecu checked and fuel pump flow.Two of the injectors have been taken out again and the spray was ok.Someone told us the injectors need coding on the siemens and one guy said not.Totally confused don't know where to go now.We have got to pick it up tomorrow after it's latest 6wk stint at the garage still unroadworthy.Mechanic now thinks could be injector pump but needs taking off and testing.Might still not be that.Please can somebody help.

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2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - adverse camber
1st think has to be to find a garage that actually knows what it is doing. This sounds terrible - I hope that you have not paid for all this work which has made your car worse?

I have no idea about fords, but I understood that some of their diesels are actually PSA units? I would be going to a diesel specialist.
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - injection doc
Find yourself a diesel specialist as Adcverse camber advised. This sounds horrendous. The injectors do need coding when replaced . If the old ones have been put back in but in the wrong order they would also need recoding.
the only problem these normally suffer is one or two injector failures. I think the garage may not be helping you through lack of proffesional knowledge.
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - injection doc
I also mean't to add that there is a software update for the ECM's on the 1.4 for the idle speed as the ECM doesn't reconize am idle speed less than750RPM & shuts the pump off. That why they will stall very abrutly . If the idle speed is allowed to drop when manovering they will cut out & give the impression that the engine cut out dead!
I doc
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dean
The car has now been to 5 different garages since July.The last being an "injection specialist" who mainly deals in German cars reluctantly said he would look.It has been to 2 ford main dealers and been on the ford diagnostic machine 3 times.It has had all the computer updates.Still no clue as to what is wrong.Don't know if to try to find a salvage engine or try to find another so called diesel expert! Sorry to be so negative but heard a lot of bull in the last 6 months. Some say injectors need coding others not one said they had tested the injectors another said only Southampton can test them.Then after another four weeks oh no that system the siemens injectors can't be tested.Its now with another garage to see if they can find the fault.In the meantime we have had to take out a loan to buy another car.We are at our wits end.Never bored with a Ford!!!!
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dean
Forgot to say its now a mare to start when it does fire up it stinks of diesel and its rattling like a good un.Had to get it back from the garage yesterday and hubby just got it up to 50mph by the time he got to the end of the dual carriageway
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - rtj70
I would not be driving this in this state. You need to be sure it is not damaging engine, turbo, injection system, etc.

I am no expert but as a driver this car needs someone to diagnose and fix.
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dean
Has been driven 3 times to get it to various garages since end of October.Do we get another engine or try a 6th garage as nobody can diagnose it!
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - billythechid
Where are you in the UK? Can anyone recommend a specialist? www.dieselbob.co.uk can be a useful resource.
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dean
Great Yarmouth Norfolk.Cheers for the website will have a look
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - inanimate
This is a classic case of assuming main dealers are up to speed with modern diesel electronics for the record they are not and usually outsource this type of problem
to a specialist;;; I see you are in Norfolk but I will give you the name of a specialist
diesel diagnostic repair company who have been in business dealing with diesels
since adam was a lad. Give them a ring they claim to be able to diagnose most faults in I hour ,and they have more sophisticated equipment than Ford have.
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dede100
hi i seem to be having simular problems with injectors on a 1.4 dtci how are you getting on solving your problems
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - topbloke
you are not alone have a read of this link may make things a little cleare (or not)
2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - mark1316

I got the same well sort of the same problem after getting the seals done . I think I might have 2 issues now. Gonna try a throttle pedal and if not better then its a trip to ford

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2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dean

Just revived this thread as it seems we were not alone in this problem.Just to update really.The car was off the road for 7 months in total.It eventually cost £1200 to fix then we sold it,New set of injectors.So glad we got rid of it.After doing a bit of research after the event some say it could happen again after 3 years! Wasnt prepared to take the risk.

2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - Railroad.

Worth contacting M&B fuel injection in Eastleigh, Hants too. They're really good and I've used them for years.


2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - focusrs259
Hi, can any one help, can you tellme was it just the injectors that cured the lack of power??
I've the same no power after the injector seals were replaced!! Do I just buy new ford injectors and all power will come back??

2002 1.4TDCI ? injectors or pump - dip

hello all just done four injector seals on my 06 fiesta cost £50 for kit installed myself took about 4 hours two of the injector seals where leaking fumes into the car ,took longer to take to bits to get to the injectors than to install the seals car now starts better runs like new made sure i cleaned out all the crud and oil off everything before putting back together


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