TomTom breakdown cover - dxp55
TomTom are giving breakdown cover with the XL Assist package - As my insurance is due in Jan and I have breakdown cover on two cars - SWMBO has just replaced Yaris and new car comes with 3yr AA cover so now I only need cover for one car - Has anyone bought the XL with cover and if so does it include recovery or is it just assist - I have trawled net all day looking for details of this cover but nothing has come up.

TomTom breakdown cover - Pendlebury
Sorry dxp but I am going to go off at a complete tangent and not help you at all in the short term - only to say that the Toyota club membership when due for renewal after 3 years is very good value. SWMBO gets it renewed every year now and it only costs £59 all in - and I mean all in. It is run by the RAC. You don't even need a main dealer service to be eligible. Clearly a company that has great faith in it's cars even in the longer term.
TomTom breakdown cover - rtj70
Might be something here?

Cover is via Mondial Roadside Assistance.
TomTom breakdown cover - dxp55

Thanks but SWMBO has now got a Mazda 2 sport so no Toyota club -- I am waiting for the AA membership to come through and see if I can add another car on it for a small fee --


That is as far as I got on finding links - looking at it logically it says "assistance" rather than "recovery" - I have a month so will go to Dixon's and ask there after the rush is over.
TomTom breakdown cover - rtj70
You did read the FAQs on the link though? Sounds like you didn't.

What kind of services are included in the policy?
- Mondial Roadside Assistance for TomTom - an exclusive 24 hour breakdown and recovery assistance service, available on all promotional packs of TomTom ONE and TomTom XL.

- Provided by Mondial Assistance, the largest assistance company in the world.

- TomTom One and XL with UK mapping includes Mondial Roadside Assistance for TomTom, within England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle Of Man, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

- TomTom One and XL with European Mapping includes Mondial Roadside Assistance for TomTom across UK and 34 EU member states in Continental Europe

- Breakdown assistance and local recovery for vehicle and up to 7 passengers

- Mondial Roadside Assistance for TomTom will cover cars up to 3.5 Tonnes and motorcycles

They are looking at allowing people to pay to add homestart.
TomTom breakdown cover - dxp55

After your efforts to find the link I failed to read them so i do appologise - this time however I think no 9 gives a clue - I am really after nationwide recovery

The specific Mondial Roadside Assistance policy you are entitled to redeem for will depend on the particular TomTom model you purchased and in which country you purchased it. To read full policy details you will need to log onto the website and register your unique reference number. All details of how to make a claim, together with conditions of the insurance cover are set out in the policy. If, however, you have further questions, there is also a helpline telephone number that you can call.

The one I was looking at was the basic XL UK & NI so the more you pay the better the cover I would think -- a trip to Halfords and a look at box or a word with an assistant might be the way to go now.

TomTom breakdown cover - Pendlebury
doh !!!!

Sorry dxp - if I had read your post correctly it would have been obvious to me that the Yaris has just been replaced.

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