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07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Nitrox
I've had my Mazda 6 2.0 TS2 for 11 months and everything was running great. Then suddenly on a trip home while in 6th gear I started to slow down on a hill. As I was on Cruise Control - took it off immediately and tried to throttle up - foot flat to the floor - nothing! Took it back to dealer and it produced a code for mass air flow sensor. They cleared it and I drove it happily for the next week without any further incident. One week later the exact same problem happened. Back to garage - same result - fault cleared and no problems for next few days.

Driving to work started to 'feel' the car slow to respond - like having a flat spot; then sudden power loss again, engine shudders and the DPF starts to flash. Back to garage and they clean and 'recharge' the DPF. 5 days later, on a dual-carriageway doing 70mph and car suddenly starts to slow on long hill - speed drops to 40 in 4th - really hairy with traffic running up your tail! DPF starts to flash again. Stopped and switched off for 10mins. Restarted and DPF continues to flash - pull away and car runs fine. DPF then stops flashing and goes solid. Then just before destination it goes out completely. Back to garage again and they're still getting DPF and MAF codes. They replace the MAF sensor with one they know works from another vehicle. Again car runs fine for a few days and then same problems recur. They keep the car for a week and can't get it to fault at all. They've done over 100 miles and there's no fault showing up!!! I take it away and after 35 mins it's slowing on a long steep gradient - this time right down to 20 mph in 2nd - pull over onto hard shoulder and stop for 5 mins. When I restart the engine management is on for the first time ever, the DPF is flashing and the traction control light is on. After several startups later that day these warning lights are on all the time.

It's back with the dealership again and they're thinking the ECU is faulty - I'm not so sure but I don't know what else it could be and neither do they! Furthermore, they tell me that they've contacted Mazda and they can't offer any insight into the problem. Does anyone have any idea of what's going on here. The car is only just over 18 months old, with 27k. I'd be really grateful for any thoughts.


07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - rtj70
I am sure you know a flashing DPF light means it has failed to regenerate the DPF and to stop driving and get it to a dealer straight away. But some thoughts:

- There are at least two on here with blown engines due to engine oil (diluted by diesel) getting so high that the engine eventually failed - no doubt from the turbo/engine running on the diesel/engine oil

- Be sure you're not going to get a failed engine too. Mazda has a problem it seems but will not admit it. A new engine is about £8000.

- The engine oil is rising fairly quickly on mine and I will get an oil change soon (at 3500 since the first service).

- Have they said why the car thinks its a DPF problem? If it has had an engine oil change without someone resetting the DPF it will flag a fault. it needs resetting by a Mazda dealer within 1000km of the oil change.

- Have you had DPF warnings before? Before it gets to a flashing state it should be on solid meaning the DPF has failed to regenerate and you need to drive at 2000+rpm at more than 25mph for 15-20 minutes.

- You have read the handbook on oil checks and DPF? The oil isn't near the X level on the dipstick is it?


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07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Nitrox

You've raised an interesting point with regard the oil change. I've had 2 oil changes completed by my local garage (non-Mazda dealer). I had no idea the DPF required re-setting and I'm not sure they did either. I'll need to find out. When you say a Mazda dealership needs to reset it why is that and what do they have to do? Furthermore, the Mazda dealership I bought the car from have recharged the DPF once already at a cost of £90 to me as it's not covered by the warranty - or so they say!?

The DPF has never showed solid before flashing. It's only once been solid and that was after it was flashing and I had to pull over and stop for 10 mins then restart.

The dealership now tell me they've ordered a new ecu unit - it'll take around 2 weeks for it to be delivered! Great!

I'm going to quiz the workshop manager tomorrow. I'll see what he says.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - rtj70
The handbook says after an oil change the DPF needs "resetting" within 1000km. It probably doesn't need to be a Mazda dealer - just someone who can reset it with the right computer connected up, e.g. a Mazda dealer ;-)
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - pat22090
When my DPF light was on, with the TCS it was the DPF sensor. The car should be in limp-home mode (reduced power!) which it sounds like it's doing. Don't mess about, raise a customer complaint directly with Mazda UK. This appears to be the only way anything substantial gets done before the engine explodes. They will raise a customer complaint, and involve the technical department immediately.
Have you asked the dealer if they have contacted Mazda? unfortunately it appears that mechanics nowadays depend on the diagnostic to tell them what's wrong, rather than using common sense.
Good luck.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Nick1969
To all,
I'm sure you have all read my experiences with the Mazda 6 and the DPF lights, oil levels rising etc. I won't bore you with any of the details see the other threads, BUT to bring you all upto date :

1. Picked up the Car after 11 weeks and 4 days. This was after the engine blew up. The car has had a new engine, new catalaytic converter, new clutch (although only 2 years old and 14,000 on the clock) new engine thermostat after the new one was found to be faulty and other bits and pieces. (approx £9k that they want off me!!)

2. When I picked the car up I checked the oil level before driving off the forecourt. The oil level was approximately 10mm over the full mark, which is I believe approximately 0.6 litre.

3. 4 days after picking the car up after only 77 miles (of which 45 miles were motorway) the DPF light came on.

4. 6 days after picking the car up and after only 103 miles the DPF light has started flashing. Therefore according to the handbook needs to go back to the dealership immediately.

HAPPY MOTORING - This car is not fit for purpose !!

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Nick1969

Took the car back to the dealership yesterday morning because the DPF light was flashing. After 6 hours I still hadn't heard from them so I called to see what was taking the time? I was told that they had regenerated (or tried to) the DP filter but this wasn't the main problem. They suggested that the engine is over heating, the cooling system is'nt operating correctly??

What do all you technically minded people think whats going wrong?

I feel that I might have had a lucky escape because when the DPF light comes on, according to the handbook, you should give it a good hard long run to burn off DP matter. So if I had done this the engine may have over heated and I would have been back at square 1 again. Nightmare.

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - craig-pd130
If it's had a new engine, thermostat & other bits & pieces, do you know which parts they DIDN'T replace? Did they bolt on the old turbo / DPF back on?

The problem may lie in the unreplaced bits. And while the dealer is willing, they obviously don't really know what the problem is. They're not diagnosing, they are just fitting new parts and hoping.

I'd suggest that if they didn't replace the turbo / DPF and associated sensors, they need to do so.

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07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Nick1969
Craig, I assume because I haven't been told about a new turbo/DPF, they have used the existing. Are these items expensive??

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - craig-pd130

They are expensive, probably £1000 each fitted for turbo and DPF.

Is this a warranty job, or are they trying to stick you for the bill? If the car is still not running properly after a replacement engine, I'd suggest that it's a warranty job, no matter what you're being told ....
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Red Baron
Quite, sounds like they are trying to save money by not replacing everything.

I can hear them now..."no sir, the turbo is not a part of the [new] engine, but we can fit new for £££".

They're having a laugh.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - rtj70
Nick's car probably had a new turbo though. When these go wrong I think it's the turbo that goes first and that then damages the engine.

Mine had its oil change yesterday. The garage had to "reset the DPF" or something like that as well as do the oil/filter change itself. We'll see how it goes. Oil now back at the Full mark.

Nick, I feel really sorry for you on this. Your story was one reason I discussed with the lease company again and they suggested I get an oil change because I am not driving it properly.

My oil level was still less than an inch above full but I kind of backed them into a corner. I wanted them to advise and I'd go with it. And if it was wrong and the engine went then it was their and not my fault.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - cj1000
hi if your still under warrenty report to your delership surging at about 50mph
they should fit a modified dipstick (put less oil in so oil level meter in the ecu doesn't register so quickly) and reprogramme the ecu to alter soot calculations let me know if this works.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Nitrox
Update on problem.

My car has been in the Mazda dealership since Sat 20th Dec. After the last series of problems with half the dash board lit up - DPF flashing, TCS on and Engine Management lit, they assured in their wisdom that it was an ecu fault. This was duly ordered and fitted yesterday.

I've just had a call from them to say that while it was working well last night the service manager had taken it home and suffered a power drop this morning at the crucial distance (after approx 25-30 miles). The workshop manager is not happy to release the car so it's still being investigated.

When I quizzed him about the DPF he told me about the modified dipstick but didn't say whether it had been fitted too.

Thankfully this is all under warranty - but I'd really just like the car I bought working as well as it did for the first 10 months I had it. Surely that's not too much to ask - is it???

Will keep you posted.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - pat22090
Still can't see why they haven't replaced the DPF sensor. As this is the light that always appears, surely this should have been replaced. It's also a lot cheaper than the ECU!
I'd request a 2nd opinion or removal to another dealer!
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - cj1000
to tell if you have a modified dip stick mesure the gap betwen the marks
12mm none modified 8mm modified (no way to tell if they have reprogramed though)
i have known the rear down stream pressure sensor to become soot poisened causing simular faults (does not always produce codes as still in operating window)
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - yorksroyal
I have the new style Mazda 6 with the 2.0 diesel engine, and the DPF light came on about three weeks ago. I've taken it on a few long motorway journeys since then, and the light has gone off. Yesterday, however, it suddenly came on but flashing, and then the 'check engine' light came on and I have lost the power in my turbo (apparently because it's on 'limp mode'). I checked the oil levels and while they are above full, they are nowhere near the X mark. It's booked into the local garage tomorrow, but it sounds suspiciously like the start of everyone elses problems on here (presumably with the old model). The car has only done 10,000 miles and I've had it less than 9 months!
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Nitrox

Well, new ECU fitted and software updated. Cut a long story short, fault still happening. Back to the dealership again! Mazda have apparently recognised there's a problem with the 6 and have been working on it - so I've been told. They received a technical update on Friday 14 Jan. Mazda are supposedly going to a do recall for this updated software package to be installed. All I know is it didn't work for my car! So they've been been talking to the technical dept at Mazda and have 2 other 'things' to try. Can't say I'm overly optimistic! Will let you know how it goes.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - bitter
I have contacted Watchdog .I have 06 mazda diesel with the same d.p.f. problems we all need to fight together.Maybe then Mazda will admit their is an inherant fault with these cars.Please inform Watchdog!
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - AndyWMazda6
Nitrox - My 04 plate Mazda 6 is having exactly the same issues with loss of power on hills. Mazda have just quoted me "around £700" to fit a new fuel injector. As I am out of warranty this is my money.

What conclusion did you reach with your car?

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Med
Hi Andy,

has your DPF light been flashing? or has it been on.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - AndyWMazda6
Hi Med. This is the only thing that is different compared to Nitrox's problem. When this occurs in my car no lights on the dash flash, or have been lit. I guess it is possible that the bulb has gone for the warning light and as such I am not aware. Indeed there are no other indications of problems other than the loss of power.

The only symptom that may be useful information is that this exact problem occurred when around a year ago with the car after the cam belt was replaced. It hadn't been fitted correctly and since it was replaced the car has worked fine - until now. This is what makes me concerned that it isn't the fuel injector causing the problem but something else. Interestingly the situation is much worse in very cold weather which led me to think the cam belt might have been slipping.
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - cj1000
hi are you sure the cam belt isnt the problem? (they have been known to jump teeth) is there any codes. Have you had the turbo checked sounds like you need a ecu reprogramme. Might be worth disconnecting the battery to reset the ecu to base setings before spendingall that money
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - velocityblade

Hi all

I'm new to this forum though in no way new to the Mazda DPF problems.I've added to another thread on this subject on honestjohn too.

I have a Mazda6 2.0 TD 143, 2007, bought in January 2010 as second owner. Full Mazda Service History. Excellent car to drive - I like it more than my 318 I traded it in for.
I had almost identical problems to Nitrox. The car has been in for the engine overrun in Feb 2010 as a Factory Recall remapping and has now been in 3 more times; oil/filter change after DPF light came on flashing with TCS and Check Engine lights - there was no DPF warning before this happened. Then again a week later for a Manual DPF Regen after similar warning light issues (with no prior DPF warnings). The tird time its a new DPF after the lights came on again. I raised a Formal Investigation with Mazda UK. Loses power after about 30 mins driving too.
Checked oil level before any long journey - never moved above Full, so if Regen is happening, it is happening completely with no drain back into the sump.
My local dealer is really helpful but I get the feeling they are left in the dark by Mazda UK. I also get the feeling I am paying for all these repairs while they learn what the problem really is.
Surely if the DPF got to the point it needed replacing, I should have had a DPF warning light before total failure, to tell me to do an auto regen by driving it. (I do about 350 miles a week, mostly motorways with appropriate engine speeds for auto regento happen).
I am not an auto engineer but I can analyse things! Surely all these oil/filter changes, DPF regens etc are only treating the symptoms of a fundamental and inherrent problem in the engine?
I have today written to Mazda UK to see if I can get any response from them. If anyone else has had Mazda acknowledge this problem, and had a satisfactory outcome from Mazda UK, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - Med


The same old DPF! I tell you something, Mazda UK when they found about the engine over-run on my brand new 2nd gen mazda they didnt seem to care, and the dealers only go by what Mazda UK say. They all know there is a problem & none of them are persistant in fixing it until they have enough money/support from the government to design something slightly better.

My huge argument with Mazda UK and the dealer still continues, because of this problem i am in the process of getting my engine stripped down to find where the problem is therefor ending in taking mazda to court to finalise what i went through and what everyone else is also going through!

www.mazda6forums.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,435.0...l thats my post & i have a post on here too www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?f=4&...5

I am still in a continued argument with Mazda and have been without my car for 8 months now, it's dead outside, wont start even if the battery is charged and the tyres are now flat! I was only able to drive it 10 months from new until this happened.

Do you all not think the handbook should be changed?? to state what to do if you do not check the oil levels, or ignore the DPF light. If Mazda know about engine over-runs then why is that warning not in there??


07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - velocityblade

Sorry to hear of your problems Med. Sounds like the legal route is a rough one to follow.

I have also written to watchdog at the BBC. The more outlets, the merrier I thought

I am also wondering - given the large numbers of us people that seem to be suffering with ongoing Mazda diesel problems, whether a Class Action would be worth pursuing in court rather than a few of us who are bold enough to go it alone?
Does anyone know just what is needed to start a Class Action?

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - dbdako
Hi Nitrox,
I know that your post is over 2 years old, but I have just had my car (Mazda 6 deisel 2.0 '06 reg) to the local garage, with very similar problems as yours, the garage have had it on the diaonostic computer and it comes up with a fault with the airflowsensor which they have replaced before and it still has the DPF problem, but the car also has another problem that no one else seems to have had.

This problem is that when the engine is warm or the weather is warm it will lose power while I am sat idleing (1000rpm) the revs will rise and fall and continue to get worse the longer I am sat idle, this can only be stopped by either depressing the clutch or switching the engine off! This has stopped my partner driving the car as she doesnt trust it!

The above problem for me is worse that the DPF problem which has happened to me about 5-6 times in the last year since I bought the car, the worst time being in Scotland last Sept when we were attempting to go over the Pass of the Cattle on the way to Applecross and the car just lost power and would not pull to the top of the mountain (this was dangerous as was having to turn round on a single track road in the mist!).

I have noticed that my DPF problem seems to occur more when I am driving up a gradient, this leads me to think that it may have something to do with the oil level.

My questions to you or anyone else reading this post are:

* has anyone else had the problem with the car idleing at 1000rpm?
* has anyone got the contact details for complaint to Mazda?
* and has anyone had any luck with mazda? (I imagine the answer will be no!)

Nitrox, I imagine that you have now moved on from your Mazda problems, but just to let you know that other people are feeling your frustration!!

Hope somebody can give me some advice.

Yours hopefully

DB Dako
07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - injection doc

I would change garage. Computer says airflow ! so they change it. A restricted DPF or blocked exhaust will also flag as air flow fault ! but other live data checks need to be carried out to eliminate other possibilties.

These cars can be problomatic with DPf and oil issue's and I would suggest someone who's dealt with these. try googling s*******.

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - BadCar
I have a Mazda 6 '06 which has similar issues. It does not fail when sitting idle, but has most of the common issues noted on this forum.

I bought a car from the main dealership and was then told it had a new engine and cat installed as the last engine failed due to the previous owners "driving style". Previous owner drives 1mile a day and so not driving correctly.. I drive 70 miles a day and have the same issues. I have not been able to use 6th gear for several months now as it puts the car into idle mode.

I have had PDF light 3 times in 22 months and have had 3 oild changes and brought it back to dealer to get it regenerated. On 3rd time, the PDF cannot be reset and I was told I need a new cat at a cost of £2000.

This is now the 2nd cat that this car needs and it has only done 75k miles in 5 years. The new engine and cat has only done 36k miles.

Mazda UK will not help as the car is over their 5 year "good will policy". They also have a 3 year warranty on the car, again does not apply to me.

At the minute, the car is at the dealer and they want me to buy a new cat. I don't think this is the problem and a 3rd one will be needed down the line as the issue is not with the cat I'm sure. Mazda will not admit to a fault, but I want to bring Mazda to court over this.

Has anyone had a success story with this issue, has Mazda helped anyone, or has the dealer found the issue. I need help with this car like all other owners. I cannot trade this car as no dealer will touch it, so I have to get it working as I have too much owing on it.

Can someone please provide an update on the outcome of watchdog or Mazda or the courts please.

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - dieselnut

If I were you I would find a garage that can successfully remove the DPF. It will cost about £400 which you will re-coupe over the next year with improved fuel consumption.

Another poster, Med, had major problems with his NEW Mada 6 & couldn't get any satisfaction, he is taking Mazda to court. 2 years down the line & he hasn't got to court yet, I do hope he is successfull, but is it worth all the sleepless nights. Plus yours is 5 years old so you'll have an even steeper hill to climb.

Google DPF deletion & find a garage locally who has had success with the exact same model you have.

07 2.0 Loss of power, DPF flashes,TCS on, MAF sens - rtj70

All I can offer is experience. I had a Mazda6 143PS with a DPF from Oct 2007 to Oct 2011. I had read the manual so realised oil levels needed checking more frequently than most of us do.

So when it was about an inch above F I would routinely ask the lease company what we should do. The answer was usually nothing. But when I added that if anything happened to the engine due to oil levels I was not liable... they agreed an oil change. I am sure I was cautious but I didn't want to pay.

So in 4 years and approx 12k per year I probably had interim oil changes three times. Was there an engine issue....? No.

During the 4 years of having the car I often drove local trips (could be weeks before I did enough miles for DPF regen)... so I think it will have tried the diesel injection into the exhaust trick hence rising oil levels.

I never once had a DPF light come on and I did frequently do short trips and nothing else. All I saw was rising oil levels.


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