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03 2.0 catalytic converter fault - 307 blues!
hello all, newbie to the site,
I have had the above mentioned car, petrol model for around 9 months, So far it has been in and out of the dealers many times, anti pollution faults, catalytic converter fault the most freqent, when the dealers inspected, nothing was wrong, the car ran as normal, and drove well.
The car had some things i thought was wrong when i purchased it, On start up from cold, feels like the whole car shakes, and after a minute or so it settled down and stopped, Also on reving the car from idle speed, it sounds very raspy, not smooth, bit of a splutter when decelerating. Also there is a type of loud tappety noise, more like a clanging, comes in when the car is under acceleration. and its very hard to point out where the actual noise is coming from, but with this it runs very smooth.
Today on start up from cold the catalytic converter fault came on the car, Now standing at idle speed the car shakes more violently, and seems to be lot of smoke from exhaust, and the tappety sound is more present. but i drove the car for a short distance, and it ran as it allways does, on stopping the car regained its shakes.
If anyone can shed any light on this problem.
many thanks

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