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08 1.8 TDCi rough running - TVman
I have a Transit Connect fitted with the 1.8 TDCi engine. It runs fine but the engine is lumpy just off tickover, and again at about 2000rpm. This is when holding it on the throttle while stationary.
When actually driving it seems OK but is a bit lumpy when reversing. The van has only done 1,000 miles. Performance seems good with no flat spots or hesitation.
Is this a fault, or just normal for a new engine? I read somewhere that the injectors might need recoding?

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08 1.8 TDCi rough running - TVman
This "fault" does not seem to affect the running of the van so may be just the way it is and not a fault at all. The ECU has been updated by Ford, this did not make any difference. The rough running of the engine does not occur when driving along, just when revving the engine in neutral.
08 1.8 TDCi rough running - rtj70
Why rev it in neutral?
08 1.8 TDCi rough running - TVman
I don't normally. It was just that I noticed while I was waiting at traffic lights, and revving the engine up a bit (to about 1500rpm) before engaging the clutch, that it was a bit rough. So I tried a few more RPM and it was still rough...I thought it may be a fault. However this appears to be normal.

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