02 1.8 Fuse for heated windscreen - mjb.1
Hi all,

I've got a problem with the drivers side heated front windscreen. From what I understand the heated windscreen is in two parts, left and right. Well, the right hand side is not working, which really is the side that I would like to have working being the side I look out of!

I am hoping this is going to be something simple like a fuse but am pretty hopeless when it comes to cars! I was told the fuses are located behind the glove box but but it turns out they are not and can't find the fuse box anywhere!!? I'm assuming it's in the drivers side but not sure where. Also does anyone know which fuse I need to be checking?

It's a 2002 Ford Focus mp3, 1.8 if that helps.

Thanks in advance!
02 1.8 Fuse for heated windscreen - mjb.1
After doing a bit of research it's more likely to be a relay under the bonnet, no idea which one though as the owners manual doesn't specify!! grrr
02 1.8 Fuse for heated windscreen - Screwloose

Both halves of the screen feed off the same cable; so if one half is working, it's a screen connexion fault.

There are reports of the tags breaking on the screen.
Heated windscreen fault on Ford Fiesta 2008 TDCI - alixkay
I found the fuses ok, on advice found on another forum, I took off the skuttle panel on my 2008 model to get to the electrical connectors to find nothing behind there.

To check the electrical connectors:

Inside the car, take off the plastic trim running either to the left or right hand side of the windscreen (with a flatbed screwdriver - gently prising it off from the top), depending on the side that is faulty. e.g. passenger side not clearing, take off the trim running down the passenger side of the windscreen.

About half way down you will find a push on connecter, linking the electrics to the windscreen. On my car, the connecter had come loose. I just pushed it back on, took about 1 minute, was as simple as that!
Heated windscreen fault on Ford Fiesta 2008 TDCI - Ben 10
Can these tags be repaired in any way? I've one broken on one side. Seems a waste to have a whole new windscreen fitted.
Heated windscreen fault on Ford Fiesta 2008 TDCI - WorkshopTech
These tags do break and we replace the glass. YOu could try something like silver-loaded epoxy for a repair, but I doubt it would work long term.