1993 1.4 Rear electrics - simonpmorris
Please can you help. All lights appear to be working OK, however-when indicating the rear lights (both) start to flash as oppposed to a single indicator. But the front and side lights are fine.

cheers simon
1993 1.4 Rear electrics - jc2
Sounds like a bad earth.
1993 1.4 Rear electrics - Peter.N.
Sounds as though you have a poor earth connection on the rear light assemblies. I don't know where the earths are on this model but if you can get to the back of the lights, follow the wires and see if you can find one that's connected to the body somewhere, take the connection apart, clean it and reassemble with a little grease.
1993 1.4 Rear electrics - simonpmorris
Looks to have done the trick, cheers!

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