Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Chris White
Hello there,

My car insurance is due on the 28th November and I've received my renewal quote today from my current insurer (Post Office) for £523.36 (ouch!)

Car is a 2001 Volvo S60 2.0TS, comprehensive cover, 8-years protected no-claims, £500 excess, 9000 miles a year, no previous claims.

I've got quotes from the compare sites and swiftcover comes out at £351.24, ibuyeco comes out at £361.99 and through, the Post Office comes out at £384.41.

The Post Office quote is through a different insurance company than the company they have based the renewal on.

I've never had to claim through The Post Office and have never heard of ibuyeco, so don't know what their customer service is like, but has anyone had any experience to help me choose.....

I have liked renewing with the Post Office because they have a UK based call centre, but if they're useless at processing claims then where they are based is largely irrelevant.

Thanks in advance, Chris.
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - smokie
Usually your first change to a new insurer will save you money because so many of them offer introductory bonuses. Last year I saved around £140 by going from Direct Line to More Th>n. However this year the quotes from the Tesco comparing site show premiums about the same as last year's More Ta>n one. And I will call Direct Line too. Insurance companies depend on lethargic types like you and me to not bother moving our polices. (I've also saved a bundle on my house insurance by moving it).

I'd definitely go for a quote from Direct Line too if I were you. I think they have a UK call centre, if that's your concern. Other than that, I just pick the one which best fits my requirements and target price
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - captain chaos
You could do a lot worse than C.I.S. My family have been with them for years and wouldn't go with anyone else. You get an introductory discount too. They're not the cheapest but cheap insurance isn't cheap when you're offered a derisory sum in the event of a total loss. My brother had his car stolen and wrecked and he was able to replace it at the main dealers with the settlement (three year old car). Beats haggling for months till they wear you down and leave you with a payout that leaves a trip to the auctions as the only option... :-(
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - L'escargot
You could do a lot worse than C.I.S.

I agree. Top quality cover. Everything open and above board. No behind the scenes shenanigans.

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Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Chris White
Thanks for the recommendations for CIS, but they've just quoted me £776.05 (or £827.79 if I wanted to do monthly payments).

I don't agree in buying cheap, because I do believe you get what you pay for, but that is an awful lot of money......
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Falkirk Bairn
Put your details into

See what that brings up - trawl through the Cos till you see one with a name you recognise / think well of.

£500-£800 is a lot of money for an 7 yr old car,+9 yrs NCB.

I do not know how old you are but my sons pay well under £500 for 3 yr old X5/ 2yr old 525. Are you a publican, bookmaker, musician, rag and bone merchant, journalist? Ins Cos do not like cetain occupations
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Chris White
Tescocompare was where I got the cheaper quotes from (the annoying Paul Daniels adverts worked on me......)

One thing I didn't say in my original post was that I'm a 30 year old computer technician, vehicle not used for business, only social, domestic, pleasure + commuting, no claims or convictions in the last 5 years.

And yes, I feel that £500 to £800 is an awful lot of money to pay, but I don't want to go with a company just because they're cheap and then have a nightmare when it comes time to claim.
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - SuperBuyer
I've always bought on price only - managed to get my Golf 150PD insured for £380, I'm 29 and its based on 40K per annum, full business use , 8yrs NCD and that was via GoCompare - I had to phone the company after I'd bought to check something and I got through very easily, but I can't remember the name of the company at the moment.
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - helicopter
Its not the price you pay for the insurance ... its the service you get when things go wrong that you have to look at.

Thats why I recommend Liverpool Victoria.

I shifted to them this year after years with
Then a couple of months ago I had a problem and the car was written off. I had courteous , friendly and fair treatment and a very fair first time offer of settlement for my car.

SWMBO is insured with them as well and I have renewed my insurance for my replacement car ( a 2.4 Accord EX saloon ) at £330 for the wife and I with a protected bonus even after the write off.

Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - helicopter
That should have read .. after years with More Than.
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Robbie
I have just had my renewal from LV and it is £481.15 for my Accord Tourer 2.2i. This is with no claims at all except for a replacement windscreen four years ago. Touch wood, I have over twenty-three years claim fee motoring apart from the windscreen.

RIAS wanted almost £700; Zurich Connect have quoted £268, but only 60 days European Cover; and Norwich Union Direct £298.25 with 90 days cover for any one journey, with a total of 180 days. Needless to say I am minded to accept Norwich Union.
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Hamsafar
The Post Office/Bell Direct/Budget are the same outfit. I made several claims 3-4 years ago with all three, and they were great.
After that I used SwiftCover and they were utterly useless when I made a claim and so was their approved garage and hire-car arrangement and then they messed up my NCB when I left - avoid.
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Marc4Six
It's worth checking out the cashback sites to see what more you could save. Swiftcover for example offer upto £45 on a number of the cashback sites. Beware that this isn't guaranteed so don't base your choice solely on it, but you generally have nothing to loose in trying for the cashback.

Check out here:

You can also possibly save a few pennies by changing your job description, obviously only if you are reasonably able to.

See here:

You can compare levels of insurance cover by company here:

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Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - gmac
To the OP,

I have a very similar profile to you (bit older, 12k mileage, business class 1 cover). My car is the same make and model as yours, different engine. The killer is where you live and where the car is kept overnight.

I would recommend Privilege who quoted me half what you have been quoted. If you need more than the standard 90 days European cover then LV are very competitive.

As mentioned above it may be your job description does you no favours with insurance companies. Anything with computer in they take to mean loadsamoney.
Also, add a female to your policy (wife, girlfriend, mum, sister).

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Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - gordonbennet
CW, if you don't live in a major city give NFU (National Farmers Union) a call.

I've been with CIS before and would rate NFU on the same quality lines, you will deal with a local NFU office too, in fact we now have all our insurances with them.

Price wise they plough their own furrow (i need help.;) and may well be cheaper or very expensive, no telling till you get a quote.

Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Pugugly
NFU are very good - we used to act as agency for them years ago. Old fashioned values.
Car Insurance Due - which insurer to choose.....? - Chris White

I live in Eastbourne (in a nice area...) and the car is kept outside overnight on the drive.

I've tried LV, but they quoted me £733! Privilege quoted £404.

I've got a quote through from Zurich Connect for £337.79.

Adding an additional driver (my sister, age 38, no claims or convictions, full license since 17 years old) doesn't change the premium one penny.

Changing my employment to anything other than IT Professional actually increases the premium so I guess it is where I live.

It's funny, I've never really thought about it until I wrote this because I've not had any problems but last year there was an 1988 'E' Ford Escort stolen from the driveway where I live (converted flats) and then a couple of roads behind where I live about 10 cars in a row were vandalised (cars keyed, tyres slashed etc) and that's the two events I know about.

Requested a quote through NFU, so I'll wait to get a call back.

Thanks for everyones help, Chris.

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