03 1.9 steering click/knock with strange torque st - Boodz
Hi folks, first post , but have had a good look first to see if there is similar post to answer my Q. but alas no.
My laguna11 1.9 dci 120bhp has developed a singular click/knock when you steer tightly left or right. , sometimes happens when turning the steering wheel when car is stationary lock to lock. can also happen when driving straight if I put the engine under load such as quick acceleration and will then click/knock when I brake again ( engine mount maybe??)
at the same time , what I just took to be torque steer ,being a fairly torquey engine is also giving cause for concern as seems to be worse know. The car pulls to the right under even light acceleration and when you come off the gas again the car pulls to the left ( tracking with new tyres just been done just incase), meanwhile feeling scarely vague. you can literally steer the car lane to lane on the motorway using only the gas pedal. Do you think these maters are connected in some way?? and what are the likely causes??

Cheers Phil
03 1.9 steering click/knock with strange torque st - RichardW
Either something is loose in the steering rack or the front suspension, or the wishbone bushes are away. Either way, I'd get it looked ASAP before it steers itself into the nearest ditch or oncoming car!!
03 1.9 steering click/knock with strange torque st - White_wolf
hi, at the moment my fiances dad is having tuoble with his laguna too, similar problem, mainly torque steer and uneven pulling on the raod, and under load.

He's had a look about and has identified 2 engine mount bushes, top on engine and bottom under the car... does anybody have any ideas to suggest this could be correct???

03 1.9 steering click/knock with strange torque st - Peter.N.
Sounds like a CV joint breaking up.

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