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Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Jonathan {p}
Dear all

Yesterday I saw an XJ6 with an estate back end. Was this ever released or has someone chopped around with it? It had the double headlights and looked like an early 90's model with a private plate. Very strange to look at, but quite nice all the same. Must have a huge boot.

Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - blank

I read about these in a book ages and ages ago. IIRC, this was a shooting brake conversion offered by a small coachbuilding company, whose name escapes me. I'll come back if I remember.

Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Ian (Cape Town)
Google turns up with ....

Obviously an XJS, but looks damn smart!
Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Pugugly {P}
A company caalled "Vicarage" or similar there were a few made. I think they also from the wheels up re-build of S types and E types.
Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Richard Hall
Avon made a few XJ6 estates which looked very odd - could have been one of those. The Lynx Eventer XJS on the other hand was lovely, and Jaguar should have taken the hint and offered it as a production model - these cars still fetch big money compared with an ordinary XJS of the same age.

Richard Hall
Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - blank
I searched with google.co.uk and cape up with naff all! Must try another country's version.

This vehicle looks to have come with the optional 2-tone white paint (front end a different shade!)

Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Harmattan

There has been one of these Avon conversions for sale on the following site for about a year now for £10K. Also a 4WD XJ Ferguson Formula car!


Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Honestjohn
I snapped an XJ40 shooting break at Blackbushe about a month ago. Have now made it the photo for the XJ40 in the car by car breakdown.

Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Honestjohn
Have also included a link to that Swedish car site in the website directory, FAQ answer no 1.

Volvo Tractor for DW - Flat in Fifth
Now then DW, how about the "mint" T43 tractor for sale in miscellaneous on that Swedish website?


If its in as good nick as these


its not too far from the ferry. Can you imagine HM C&E's faces!

Well Graham's collecting Landies, why not tractors. Mind you never been used in farming? hmmmmm just snow ploughing and road salting then. ;-)

However the triple expansion Stuart steam engine in Helsingborg, mmmm.
Jaguar (Avant, Shooting Brake, Touring)? - Martin Devon
Never seen an XJ6 Estate. The Lynx Eventer as mentioned by Richard Hall was the bizzo. Interestingly enough there was a Rolls Royce Estate, (Shooting Brake), around in Hillingdon Middlesex in the early to mid seventies, if my forty something mind is correct!

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