00 1.8 Renewed suspension still troublesome - pawd
Hey one and all,

I recently fitted set of KYB Excel-G shocks all round, wishbones, droplinks, rear ARB links and had 4 wheel laser alignment done. Knocking-clunky noises are gone but still riding quite roughly. Seems to have tough time even coping with a level road. No doubt it's handling bit better and feels more positive and firm but there's still a lot of annoying 'shake' throughout the cabin (and the driver!) most noticeable over bad ground. It's gliding over speed bumps nicely though.

One thing I noticed is the upper mounting cup (under bonnet) has a slight gap between the rubber ring and the body - most noticeable on the passenger side. Would this have any negative effects and would replacing them help? Also, during the alignment the guy never adjusted the rear toe setting. Does this need to be adjusted or how can I check it?

Thanks for your expertise fellas.

00 1.8 Renewed suspension still troublesome - gouger
Hi,i've just sold a w plate 1800 zetec.had murder with front wheel bearings.Turns out when you change bearings you should replace hubs too.Gave a horrible groaning noise between 25 and 45 mph but handled sweet.
00 1.8 Renewed suspension still troublesome - pawd
You think it might be something to do with the bearings?
Handles good but just know it should feel better. Seems to be so few garage services out there that can advise you on this kinda thing. So I don't even know where to go.

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