Six months tax? - SmartRoady
My tax renewal arrived and the dvla want £120 for 12 months.
But in 2009 my Smart Roadsters goes into a different band and is £90 for 12 months.
Am I correct in assuming that if I get a 6 month disc for £66 now I'll pay £90 in March for the 12 month?
I assume the dvla won't rebate the £15 differance if I spend £120 now.
Six months tax? - Happy Blue!
I think you are correct
Six months tax? - Dwight Van Driver
Just tax it for 6 months then again before 31.3.09 to beat the increase.

Have heard a lot of people are cashing in their Licence, then relicensing to February and then an annual before th 2009 new rates kick in.

Six months tax? - SmartRoady
Thanks dvd but the my tax is being reduced.
I just can't work out if I buy my march tax disc in April will it be at the cheaper rate?
Six months tax? - Bill Payer
Don't understand the timing (Mar/Apr) you're talking about.

I just got the reminder for my car (and 2 of our others, but never mind) and it expires end Aug. My car is 198 CO2 thingies so the annual bill this year is £210 and from April 2009 it will be £260.

So I'm going to renew for 6mths at £115 - this will expire end Feb, when I can then renew for 12mths at £210.
Six months tax? - SmartRoady
Sorry got my April and Febuary mixed up.
But I take from what your saying I'd be better off getting 12months now as I won't be getting the £90 tax rate when I have to renew as I'll have to purchase in Febuary not March.
Six months tax? - Bill Payer
I believe that's correct - plus, of course, 6mths tax is dealer than half of 12mths, so that works against you too.

I presume (not sure about this) that you could cash in your 12mths tax in say May, and then take out a new one at the new rate. But I really don't know if that's feasible, and for a tenner or so, it's not worth the hassle.

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