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04 1.2 "EAC Failure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
i've recently got on finance a ford fiesta 04 plate . Only had for two months when the eac fail sign came up on the dash board and the power failed . it done this a couple of times and then stopped for a few days . now its started again and the engine management light has come on the garage i got it from has said i have to pay £70 for a diagnostics report and then the problem might not be covered by the warranty . What can i do ? can someone advise me as to what the problem could be ?? thanks

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04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - Screwloose

It's a problem with the electronic throttle control. Without the stored code, it's difficult to be precise as to exactly what may be amiss with it.
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
thanks i'm getting a diagnostics report done tomorrow so hopefully will know more then
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - DP
If it's still under warranty, why are they charging you for the diagnostic session?

04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - TurboD
is that why the last owner shifted it?, can you ring them- be a warranty then.
Don't take any crap - small claims court up £5K- not much hassle at all.
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - Screwloose

"Only had it two months?" Then forget the restrictive after-market "warranty" terms; these are your rights:-

04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
thanks guys im gonna ring the garage this morning when it opens and ask why i have to pay and i'll quote the sales of goods act . Im fuming about the car i got it coz i needed something more reliable to get me and my kids to school and work and now this has happened . !! Im not happy !
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
well i rung the garage and they said i have to pay for the report coz thats not covered under the warranty but they will do it for £70 and let me know if the fault is or not ?? if not then what do i do???
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - AdamK
Pay for the report but when you collect the car and they ask you to sign for it write "paid in protest, all rights reserved" in the biggest letters you can across the report and get a copy. If it does go to court they cannot use this to allege you accepted that they were not liable. You can claim for it. If they refuse to repair it, free or not, then get it done at a reputable garage, give them 14 days in writing to meet the cost and it not issue county court proceedings on line. At the end of the 14 days if you get a refusal or no reply write again with a "letter before action" advising them you will go to court if they don't pay.

I would think that 2 months is a reasonable basis for your claim. Dont worry about warranty exclusions, they are not the end of the matter in all cases. It is down to what you paid for the car, what its condition was, its fitness for purpose and whether the garage is applying "reasonable care and skill" for both the supply of the vehicle and the repair.

04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
thanks for that adam . i paid £5000 for the car probably a bit more than it was worth but it was just what i was looking for !! i'll let u know how i get on !
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - langdon
We are a garage ourselves and are very surprised they are adopting this attitude, they will be very aware of your rights and theirs (if not they are fools!) and I would very much urge you to pursue, if you have no luck turn up one evening, leave the car on their forecourt etc, put a letter of complaint through the letterbox along with all the keys, registration docs etc.

Two months is below the required warranty period anyway and as for £70.00 diagnostic charge I would check your yellow pages, you could find cheaper in there yourself! ludicrous price and totally bad customer service, it is these sort of garages that give second hand dealers a bad name.

Good luck, don't give up!
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
i have found the report cheaper at a local garage to me but the garage i got the car off have said that i have to go to them coz they will not accept a report from anyone else . Also these are a big company i went to them thinking i would be treated better than by a smaller garage but maybe now i was wrong !!
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - jazzykaz

Hi Tinkmobile

Did you get this problem sorted? Have the same EAC issue with my fiesta and if recitified wondered how they did it?


04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
Hi i took my car to the garage and they done the diagnostics report. They said it was a sensor on the accelerator that was at fault , they told me it wasn't covered by the warranty but since i had only had the car for three months they would fix it free of charge . so they supposedly fixed it but a couple of days later it started doing it again so i rung them and they said they can't look at it again till the 10th september but today its done it 10 times on me in a twenty minute journey and i'm supposed to be going on holiday 2moro so now i don't know what to do ??????
04 1.2 "EAC Failiure" - What's the problem ? - tinkmobile
Hi Jazz did u get your car sorted ?
04 1.2 eac fail. . . . . again?? - tinkmobile
I have previously posted on this before . I got my car about four months ago but after two months it developed this eac fail message and lost power. I took it back to the garage who done a diagnostics report for which they charged me and said it was the accelerator sensor that was faulty , they said it wasnt covered by the warranty but since i had only had the car for two months they would replace it for free. After four days of having the car back it has done it again and is now back at the garage i took it in last tuesday and they said they had done a diagnostics report and there was nothing wrong but they want ford to look at it so now a week later and i still have no car . Any ideas what to do next as i,m at my wits end with this garage ???
thanks guys
04 1.2 eac fail. . . . . again?? - jazzykaz

Hi Tinkmobile

Sorry for late reply only just seen your message. Well as you know I also have the same eac fail problem which has been going on about 5 months now. I have had new throttle body and wiring loom, computer recalibration etc etc but still had the problem. It seems this is a known ford manufacturing problem and they said that the faulty throttle body had a knock on affect and damaged the main engine bay wiring loom, which I have just has replaced a week ago. Dont want to speak too soon but so far it has been ok but I wont hold my breath. Many ppl I have spoken to who have had this problem have had to have a new computer fitted but the garage said that ford technical were convinced my problem is a wiring issue so hopefully this has fixed it, but who knows. Will keep you posted.

04 1.2 eac fail. . . . . again?? - tinkmobile
thanks jaz i too have now had my car back and they said they found no fault this time . but i have had it back over a week and so far so good i'll also keep u posted as to how it goes thanks for the reply
04 1.2 eac fail. . . . . again?? - tempx

Have you managed to get rid of this annoying problem? I am struggling with the same. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
04 1.2 "EAC Failure" - What's the problem ? - Phill Italiano

I got same EAC Fail message, the car it cant even start. What can i do


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