End of the line for Ford Fusion? - Corrib12
Can anyone confirm that the Ford Fusion is about to cease production? If so, when?
I was about to buy either a new 1.6tdi or an older 1.4tdi. Anyone got any experience of these models? If I don't go for one, what is another potential 70mpg car to think about?
End of the line for Ford Fusion? - Happy Blue!
There are more than a few 70mpg cars on the market (if you drive very slowly) but the Fusion was an odd car that didn't sell. Also, they probably never did 70mpg anyway.

Do you want the most economical Fusion sized car you can buy, or simply the most economical car you can buy.

If the former - look at a diesel Mercedes A Class, or Kia Rio

If the latter - Look at the Citroen C1 or its Peugeot and Toyota clones.

End of the line for Ford Fusion? - risquenun
buy the 1.6tdci plus at 12 months old like i did. 10 grand for a car that performs much better than my 2006 1.4tdci fiesta and has superb economy. I cover 2,000 miles a month on business and am averaging tankful to tankful between 57 and 62 mpg in mixed driving. Cheap running costs, reliability, comfort and practicality are important to me and the Ford fits the bill (I also own a 2.8 BMW Z3).
End of the line for Ford Fusion? - Blue {P}
You won't get 70mpg out of a Fusion, my boss doesn't get that from his Fiesta!
End of the line for Ford Fusion? - b308
If you need the extra space (over the Fiesta), which is the only reason I can think of for buying the Fusion then get one of the following, which have as much if not more space, are far more flexible and just as economical:

Fabia estate
Pug 207 SW
Toyota Yaris
Vauxhall Meriva

There are no doubt others as well - I looked at all of those plus the Modus when I came to change cars last year and ended up with another old style Fabia estate to replace my old one, the only ones which came close to the flexibility and room were the Yaris and Meriva. Wouldn't touch a Fusion with a barge pole....

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