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i put my car into a car body repair centre for work, i asked the price for 2 repairs ---- 1 to do a cheap repair job that wouldnt go through the insurance company price £350 or 2----- to go through the the insurance company and pay the excess and get a new pannel at a price £1300 , i went for the second option to get a real good job . now i used a garage that i have used before and normally do excellent work but this time i got the car back and they had done the cheap job (i.e) £350 and charged the insurance company the full £1300 . im not pleased at all and think this is fraudulant? i havnt said anything to them yet because i wanted to get some information. i took it to another garage and they cofirmed my thinking , its not a new panel . the garage that did the repair wasnt the insurance company approved garage so they will not get involved, any ideas what i can do or what i shoul do.
some information would be real helpfull
thanks carl

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