2007 Hatchback - boot rattle!! - Rob2632
Hope I've put this in right place new to this
Bought an 07 Mondeo edge hatchback in Feb 08 (love mondeos) a few weeks after getting it a persistant rattle developed from the boot after many miles of sitting in the boot/ back seat (whilst partner drove) found that if I pushed up on boot lid behind nearside rear seat the rattle stopped so took car to dealer who sent a technician for a drive with me who confirmed that was the point of rattle they greased the damper mounts and sent me on my way, unfortunately the rattle remained so back it went after a short arguement about trim not being covered under warrenty if car a year old they agreed to change the damper this was done and within 5 miles of the dealer the rattle was back, after checking my gap insurance to confirm the write off value I stripped the line out of the boot most os the side lining and part of the roof desperately searching for a loose cable / bolt spanner that had been left in somewhere to no avail. Finally I removed the damper on the nearside completely and the rattle has stopped ????? please any ideas anyone !! could it be that the damper just twists the boot lid enough for it to rattle (after reading the other comments on here) your thoughts comments and advice appreciated
kind regards Rob

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2007 Hatchback - boot rattle!! - kithmo
Are the dampers the correct way round, i.e. would they fit the other way up.
2007 Hatchback - boot rattle!! - Rob2632
I assume they are the correct way up as car was only 11months old when bought it with just 7500 on the clock, the thick bit is at the bottom, ie: fitted to the main body of the car. tried jamming some cloth in the lock as I closed the boot still rattles.... gonna pack the rubber mounts in the morning and try that, next will reverse very fast into bollard and claim on insurance lol

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