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04 3.0 Central locking - Humperdink
dear all

having probs with central locking in my x type,

some times the key fob will not lock the doors so have to lock all locks individually, it will unlock centrally, but normally with one push of the button only drivers door unlocks it is now not doing this and all doors are being unlocked.

The doors are also not automatically locking when i pull away.

Any ideas?
04 3.0 Central locking - poacher
Hi Mate,

Steve here from lincoln I am having the same problem. My key fob is brand new but still getting intemitant locking of the doors. It can go for 3 /4 days ok then nothing. I can still lock and unlock the door with the key. I have to be quick thou because the alarm starts to activate.Speaking with a mate he tells me there are printed curcuit boards under the hand brake colunm, maybe staring to break down. NOT sure myself thou. It would be handy to have a wiring disgragm of the alarm system. Do you know of any such cards ??


04 3.0 Central locking - Westpig
I've had similar on my S Type and my Jag independent has advised me X Types have the same faults

Basically one of the door locks will be sticking. When you use the plipper, it tries to do what you ask, but because one of the doors isn't complying, it doesn't comply. It can stick alternately in either the closed or open position and sometimes will work as it should. (That's why the doors don't lock automatically when you pull away, one is being 'held' unlocked). The more worrying thing will be you'll lock the car, the alarm will be set, but one door will still be unlocked and you won't have noticed it.

I tried going mad with WD40 etc and that was a hopeless waste of time. Strongly suspect you'll have to change one or more door locks.

My '99 S Type has now had three done (over a period of 6.5 years). Wife's '05 X Type has had none go wrong (over period of 3.25 years)

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