1999 diesel emissions too high - kevinf
Hi all, I have a 1999 grand espace and have just been for the yearly MOT to find that the emisions are to 9ppm nad should by 3, The mot chap said that it indicates that there is a leak in one of the hoses. My question is have you any other ideas as to what it could be? Thanks Kevinf

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espace diesel emisions to high - DP
Have you tried an Italian tune up? Usually the first thing to do when a diesel fails the emissions test is to give it some beans around the block in a low gear and high revs to clear all the soot out.

It's never failed for me before.


espace diesel emisions to high - Screwloose

DP is absolutely right; if the oil on a diesel isn't searingly hot and the accumulated soot in the exhaust hasn't just been blasted out; then it'll all come out on the test.

On one of these; a stuck EGR valve is the likeliest root cause of soot; get it removed, checked for a broken head and thoroughly cleaned.

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