Anyone Running A BLS Diesel ? - seataltea
Pondering a change and for 10k you get a huge amount of nippy diesel luxury for the money from a Cadillac BLS.

Low miles, from main dealers, 18-24mnths old, reliable mechanicals, SAAB/Alfa/GM engine and underpinnings, leather, cruise, good space blah blah

There are a few reviews out there, a good one from HonestJohn and a few mediocre when compared against C class and 3 series but is there anyone who owns one and gives an opinion which involves using the car regularly and not just on a road test drive.

They seem a lot of car for 10 grand.

Anyone Running A BLS Diesel ? - PW
Have never ever seen one of these on the road. Just looked on Autotrader and cheapest one was an 06, with less than 10K miles for £7991.

Given that the cheapest diesel is over £21,000 new, unless you were considering keeping it until it fell apart I would be very concerned about resale value. Regardless of actual dynamics, car seems to be unpopular and is shedding value.

Have to admit that have not driven one, but have driven a Saab 9-3 on which it's based, and was not particularly impressed. Not a bad car, just thought it was very dull.

Apart from that, prefer the looks both inside and out of the BLS over the 9-3. It does seem to be an absolute bargain at the prices quoted on Autotrader, but as not been around long enough is a bit of a gamble wether or not the depreciation will slow done, or continue in freefall.

Hope this helps, even if is just gut feeling.
Anyone Running A BLS Diesel ? - Marc
Agree with PW.

Fair enough it's based on the Vectra/SAAB 9-3 but I reckon Cadillac will once again pull out of the UK market (remember their last attempt with the STS) and the dealers will disappear although any SAAB or Vauxhall dealer should be able to provide parts and servicing.

Like PW, I personally like the look of them but it's just a 9-3 with a different body and they've just not sold. You won't get rid of it if you buy one.
Anyone Running A BLS Diesel ? - pd
It it is basically a 93 diesel and the same good and bad points apply. I actually quite like the 93 - good honest fwd chassis which is fun to drive and the 150bhp 1.9 diesel is powerful, very economical (50mpg+ easily) and low on emissions if a little rough in the lower rev range.

Shame about the low rent interior quality (which I guess is the same on the BLS) and overall lack of any "premium" feel.

The 93 struggles on retained value and I'd suspect the BLS will be even worse so be careful what you pay.

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