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Hi Guys

Complete newbie to this so please bear with me if I sound a little naive,
I have recently found a legit supplier of biodiesel at 96ppl and I am seriously considering using it in both a Peugeot 406 2.0l Hdi (2000) and a Peugeot Expert 1.9d (53plate), My question being will I have any problems that I should be aware of up front? Do I need to modify my vehicles in any way? Im just a little wary about taking the plunge.

Thanks in advance

Biodiesel in Hdi engines - Bromptonaut
You might get away with it in the, presumably IDI, Expert but it's an absolute no no in the HDi - kills the high pressure pump.
Biodiesel in Hdi engines - b308
Luke - what is the spec for the biodiesel, if its genuine stuff it will have some sort of "Standard" number like the pump stuff, either to European or British - you can then check with Peugeot or your handbook if its ok?!

I know that when I go to Germany I can use their Biodiesel which is considerably cheaper than the normal stuff, and actually sold in the service stations!
Biodiesel and HDi engines - lukeinman
Is it true that biodiesel, like the stuff available at apple fuels in glasgow, cannot be used in HDi engines? ( at least not without damaging it )



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Biodiesel and HDi engines - defender
this link may give you some info on various fuel injection systems on bio fuel
Biodiesel and HDi engines - Bromptonaut
The Hdi is a common rail engine - computer says no!!!!
Biodiesel in Hdi engines - bogeyman
I've got a 306 HDi (2000) and having been using Biodiesel for a year now. Its currently over .40p a litre cheaper than regular diesel and with the high mileage i do, the savings are huge.

The two things I advise to using it in your 406 HDi are that you change you fuel filter after the first 500 miles and then 1000 miles after that. After this just service the car as normal. (This is due to the parrafin residue buildup over the years in your fuel tank/lines etc). When I change the filter I normally fill the housing with diesel.

The second important factor is to slowly introduce biodiesel to your car. Start by putting £10 biodiesel and £20 regular diesel. After a week, try £15 biodiesel and £20 regular diesel etc.

I dont recommend you EVER run 100% biodiesel. I find that a mix of 70% biodiesel and 30% regular diesel works best for me (although Peugeot do suggest you run 30% bio and 70% regular). In winter I use a mix of 50% bio and 50% regular.

Not too sure about your van as I havent tried it in the 1.9D engine.

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