Car Insurance & CashBack - seataltea
Just a little reminder to those who will be reinsuring soon and want to save more on rising premiums.

Many companies offer cashback if the policy is purchased through one of the CashBack websites (often after a £5 registration fee).

My wife and I did this last year with Privilege who were by far the cheapest anyway and earned £190 cashback for two policies.

This year she earned £95 with Privilege and I £65 in addition to the cheapest policies and the fact that we reinsured with the same company again.

The two largest are Quidco and CashBackKings both are well established.

In times of rising motoring costs you'd be daft not to try and get some cashback.

Check out some of the rates available below.
Car Insurance & CashBack - davidh
I've just taken insurance out with the Post Office and they give 50 quid cashback until the end of June.

One of the links claims £23.80 cashback on Post Office car insurance.

I wonder if this is in addition to any Post office cash back or is its that a £26.20 slice has been taken out of Posto Office's cashback it and you are handed the difference.

Are the cashback people simply cashback deal finders or are they intermediaries?

It would do to check these things before going ahead with any me thinks.
Car Insurance & CashBack - seataltea
The CashBack sites are what are known as referral links, the insurer gives the website a 'finders fee' for having a customer sent to them via the CashBack site take out a policy.

In the case of the two sites I mentioned they then pass on the entire fee to the customer minus a £5 a year one off charge.

In the last year I've had close to £600 cashback mainly from large buys such as car/home insurance but also from general internet shopping as well.

In the case of the Post Office you may well not get the cashback twice, but you never know unless you try.
Car Insurance & CashBack - daveyjp
I've read of some people with very low insurance actually ending up being paid for taking a policy - doesn't sound too sustainable to me!
Car Insurance & CashBack - GandA
I received a car insurance quote from Liverpool and Victoria via Cashbak Kings and got £75 cashback on an already very competitive quote. I have since had another £45 back against my house insurance. Only time will tell if it is sustainable or not. In the meantime though, I intend to make the most of it !!!!
Graham G
Car Insurance & CashBack - 3T
I have just done this through Quidco-
premium was just under £190 with Tesco
cashback of £50
'free' pressure washer thrown in (looks a fairly decent K'archer) ,meant to be worth £100 or so.
Doesn't sound sustainable but I think the economics of insurance lean towards peoples lethargy for changing hence he often found automatic renewel written into to policies nowadays.
If quidco are able to pass on the commission at this level, search engines / comparison websites must make a fair sum when you click through from them

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