01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - tystie
Audi A3 (2001) 79K 110bhp TDI - Having had a power loss problem about 12 months ago, it was finally solved by replacing the air mass meter. This morning, and with no sign right up to the night before, the car has begun doing the same thing again. In the first mile of driving I noticed the delayed acceleration and lack of power. The revs are on the high side but no real response.

Could the air mass meter have gone after 10-12 months (20K miles)?
Might is be a turbo failure
I don't think it's the clutch as it feels ok

4 weeks ago the water pump had to be replaced as the blades were broken and causing it to overheat. THis has been fixed and has been running fine since.

Any useful comments would be appreciated, before I speak to the garage....

01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - Raman
If you disconnect the MAF and drive the car and it feels that same, no power etc , then maybe it is the MAF. However it is best if you get your car checked for error codes.
Some people might start to point the finger at the variable vanes in your turbo. But this you can check when the engine is stone cold, and move the actuator rod, if it moves an inch or so, then the vanes would not be considered to be sticking.

Try to get a VW/Audi specialist to have a look rather then the dealer.
01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - 547HEW
To replace the water pump I think they would have had to remove boost pressure hoses(s)
If you dont get the clips back in correctly , the hose could pop off and cause the loss of response, but i would expect you to have heard a hissing sound.

Seems a bit of a co-incidence. BTW I would expect your new MAF to have lasted another 60k, unless it was an inferior part
01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - Screwloose

Where did the MAF come from?
01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - tystie
No idea, the garage dealt with that, they are an agent for VW & Audi. It's the same place i'll be going to with this problem. I could ask if it is a poosible issue?
01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - Screwloose

If they are proper Audi dealers [can't be both anymore as Audi want to forget VW's troubles] then it would have been a genuine MAF.

From almost anywhere else it would have been a short-lived, rubbish, fake.
01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - tystie
Well thanks to everyone who has lent a comment so far... with my limited knowledge, I will just have to go and ask the garage to have a look. I let you know if anything is found...

In Shetland the closest Audi specialist is Aberdeen and i won't even go into the costs of getting cars down and up from there. I was told that this garage has a very good reputation and i have a feeling that they use genuine Audi parts - There have plenty of Audis and VW up here to deal with.

01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - Screwloose

Ahh; I see the problem. [Sorry; should have remembered.]

As you may know; I've been, desperately, trying to buy a rural workshop on the West Coast for the last 7 years - and I've been made about as welcome as a nuclear waste dump! HIE? Don't make me laugh....!

It's been astounding to see how blind everyone is to what's about to hit them. They seem to think that they don't need diagnostics; they can just muddle-on as before. I haven't spoken to one person that forsees any problem.

In 5-10 years time; EVERYTHING will have to be returned to the dealers for repair - there's just no way that remote little garages could afford the equipment and annual charges, let alone keep up with multi-make training.

As more manufacturers move to on-line programming, they won't even be able to replace the simplest ECU. With the cars dripping in networked ECUs joined by miles of ever-flimsier wiring and connectors - and the dealers £400 away......
01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - tystie
tell me about it...

i was on this site about two years back with my last car (peugeot 306) which had ECU and immobilizer issues. i ended up having to get it send to Aberdeen unaccompanied (add cost!) to be fixed. What a saga with hiring a car for over a month, the pug sat in a garage that couldn't fix it over christmas.... to end up with all it was was a corroded fuel pump wire that was £150 in fees. I was expecting a lot more. So i got an audi that took my fancy instead and the problems still go on...

Folk keep telling me to get a Yaris or something 'sensible' that is cheap and never goes wrong - i thought the A3 was fairly sensible and i am NOT ready to joint the micro car brigade.

01 1.9TDI Power loss - Again! - Screwloose

Yes; it was when you mentioned Aberdeen that I remembered the 306.

Without wishing to seem patronizing; I've found that cars in the more remote areas are, on average, about 5 years older than cars in the SE. [And you actually repair them when they go wrong...]

So what I see today will be commonplace there in 5 years - only worse, due to increased road-shock and climatic wiring degradation..... Heaven help you.


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