02 2.2 dci Engine chugs and occasionally stalls - square
My question is about my espaces electrical fault at first it would just stall randomly so the garage i used changed two of the sensors. Now the car has started to chug along sometimes at low speed and at times high speed and occasionally still stalls. Its terrible to drive, has anyone else had this problem and how was it cured. ps i have encountred the loss of power problem and a nice man from an emergency break down group suggested what the fault was the recirculating valve so i went home and cleaned it myself its been fine ever since .

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02 2.2 dci help espace hell - Screwloose

Not enough detail. Which sensors? What codes are stored? Do you mean the EGR valve?
02 2.2 dci help espace hell - square
yes it was the egr valve and there hasnt been a priblem with that since. As for the sensors replaced i only know one which was the crank shaft speed sensor. tjis seemed to stop the stalling for a while but the chugging then started.
02 2.2 dci potential erg valve problems - neon
HI, Can you help. Iam about to buy a 2005 espace 1.9 dci which I have seen and love. However I am now worried about this erg valve problem. I am changing from a petrol freelander which was plagued with problems. Is it just a problem with the 2.2 dci? I don't want to jump out of the frying pan....... Should I avoid the deisel altogether.


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02 2.2 dci help espace hell - DP
The later (2004 on) 1.9 dCis are much better. we have a 54 reg Grand Scenic 1.9dCi which has done 54,000 miles and apart from a couple of glowplugs and a wastegate hose, hasn't missed a beat in the year and a half we've had it.
I change the oil at mid point between the silly 18,000 mile service intervals, but other than that it's just seen main dealer servicing to the schedule.
Xileno on here has all the details of the upgrades, but Renault did some important mods to the 1.9 litre unit in 2003/4 which solved a lot of the EGR and turbo issues. The Bosch common rail injection system seems to be one of the more reliable set-ups.
It's a nice engine. Responsive, frugal (averages 43 mpg in a 1600kg people carrier), beautifully smooth and very, very quiet. Seems to appreciate being thrashed occasionally, which I understand also helps keep the EGR valve clean.
EGR valve problems are not also exclusive to Renault diesels. In fact, they are known to play up on any engine they are fitted to.


02 2.2 dci help espace hell - Screwloose

Sorry to be negative; but you are about to swap one heap of manure for another. Google "Renault Espace Problems" before you buy it - then you won't....
02 2.2 dci help espace hell - Digital Wizard
Unless you have deep pockets, don't buy it.

I have low mileage 03 espace, father in law has 05 scenic both have had many problems with EGR etc.

Mine ran at full throttle on it's own engine oil - cracked inlet manifold is a common fault.

Find a good independent garage and use them for repairs and servicing it will save you a lot of money with better results. Don't think Renault will go straight to a fault, they do it the same way as an independent - by informed guesswork.