1990 1.0 Clutch or gearbox problems?? - stuartl
Firstly, thanks to all those who answered my post on engine mounts ~ now to the next problem!!!

The mini drives ok apart from the blowing exhaust caused by the wibbly wobbly engine which will all be sorted soon....

There is a problem however when changing down from 3rd to 2nd gear - it always seems to crunch. I had hoped that is was because the engine was slopping about all over the place but I have made a temporary engine steady which works quite well until the new parts arrive but the problem persists. There is also quite a sharp 'clunk' on decelleration which I had also hoped was the engine movement but now seems unlikely.

Any input is always very gratefully received!


1990 1.0 Clutch or gearbox problems?? - Pugugly
Have you tried double de-clutching from 3 into 2. if its a smooth change, I would imagine its a synchro issue. May be worth changing and bleeding the hydraulic fluid in the clutch.

Otherwise it might be wise to leaver it until the mounting problem is resolved.

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1990 1.0 Clutch or gearbox problems?? - Peter D
Synchro on second only lasted about 30K if double de clutching was not used form new. I have rebuilt many of these for this and other problems in the past. The last one I did was about 4 years ago. Regards Peter
1990 1.0 Clutch or gearbox problems?? - Pugugly
I asked Mrs P, she says that both the Minis she owned crunched their gears from new - she's a pretty sympathetic driver.
1990 1.0 Clutch or gearbox problems?? - Lud
Weak synchromesh to start with, none on first gear, and of course rapid gearbox wear owing to the gearbox having to run on hot engine oil full of carbon and swarf...

Double-declutching, when you get the hang of it, will prevent embarrassing crunching noises and preserve the gearbox, but will of course accelerate the rate of wear on clutch components... This has happened to me with two cars. The other technique is to make very leisurely upchanges. If you time it right even knackered synchro will work, sort of... but you don't always have the time.
1995 problems ? - the.bloke
Hi All

I have a similar problem with a 1995 mini. The car is for sale and is in good condition and i blieve at a good price.
It "clunk" from 3rd to 2nd at normal speed. But if driving a slow speed, there is no noise. From reading from above, I understand it must a synchro problem.
Is it an easy job to do, and how much would it cost to do approximatively?
Or even better, can i do it myself?
I drove the car, and it drive smoothly apart this.

1995 problems ? - the.bloke
Forgot to mention:

It˙s a austin mini 1995 sidewalk with 95000 mls
1995 problems ? - Screwloose

Why worry; they all do it. Slow down in 3rd, declutch and select first when almost stationary.

Getting a garage to do it would cost getting on for a grand. Engine/box out, split, strip/rebuild box with new synchro hubs, reassemble/re-fit. Not exactly a Saturday afternoon DIY job.
1995 problems ? - jc2
And the gearchange won't be much better.

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