Running-in - how's it done?

In September I will take delivery of a new Audi A6 3.0-litre Diesel Multitronic. The car has been already manufactured and is on its way, very slowly, to the UK.

1. I am concerned that it has been ordered too early, but I am stuck with that. Your comments on this will be interesting for me.

2. What I am interested in is running-in. How should I drive it for the first 200 miles, the next 500 and so on? Also, when should I change the engine oil and filter.

Asked on 29 July 2012 by Sirtopher

Answered by Honest John
1: You could pay for the car and ask the dealer to delay registration to 1st September in order to get a 62 reg.

2: See: To reach the necessary engine speeds with an automatic you simply lock it in a lower gear.
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