Fuel Consumption on the new 6 - jaydub
I'm just about to order a new 6 Estate and was goin to order the diesel, but am having second thoughts on account of:
1) The increasing differential between petrol and diesesl at the pumps
2) There seem to be a lot of reports of the diesel only returning ~38mpg.

I'm after some feedback on consumption figures for the diesel and 2.0l petrol to help me decide.

My driving is mixed motorway (~80mph) and urban and I live in a hilly area, so I'm not expecting the best consumption in the world, but any mpg figures you've got would be useful as a reference point.

I'm also interested for anybody's feeling about whether the differentail between petrol and diesesl is likely to increase as fuel surges towards the predicted £1.50 per litre for unleaded.

Thanks for your help.
Fuel Consumption on the new 6 - grahamw
I had a 2004 6 estate with the 138bhp diesel engine. I ran it from new for 18 months covering 46000 miles. My brim-brim calculated MPG was a consistant 43mpg.
Driving conditions were mainly motorway/dual carriage way.
50mpg was easily acheivable on a long gentle run.
I do not know if the new model has a DMF or other emissions related parts, mine back then from memory was Euro 3 rated.
Hope this helps!
Fuel Consumption on the new 6 - Iansuz
I have a new mazda6 diesel TS2 and have done nearly 4000 miles so far. The mpg has steadily improved and now averages in the mid 40s. At the same time the performance is better too as is the gear change which was pretty notchy to start with.

I have found that the mpg computer under estimates the mpg when compared to the accurate brim to brim calculation. My last fill up was after 80mph motorway driving with a full boot and driving round hilly country roads - the computer said 41mpg but the actual was 45mpg which is pretty good for such a big car that is also great to drive. So this seems a pretty good reference for you...

I have the hatchback and the boot is enormous so I would question how much you need an estate as it will consume more fuel and be even more tricky to park.

for the cars that do 38mpg they must either have a fault or are driven fast or driven in town all the time.

one way to beat the pumps however is to cycle to work which is what I have started doing, if only once a week, but its a start!

Fuel Consumption - Davefingers
For the best fuel consumption keep your eye on the rev counter. During a tour of Scotland recently I averaged 59mpg in my 54 Corsa 1.2 twinport. My suggestions based on 35 years of motoring.. Always keep the revs below 4000, and ideally under 3000. This is possible if you use a top speed of 64mph (Most speedos will be reading 70mph - about 10% exaggerated for safety). In town at a steady 30mph you can use 5th gear to hold that speed steady at 1500 rpm, just high enough to avoid gearbox vibration.

With experience you can anticipate most driving situations and will hardly ever need to use the brake except when coming to rest at junctions. It is more difficult on congested roads, but always keep a good distance from the vehicle in front to avoid sharp braking. At traffic lights you can often slow down well in advance and go through in 2nd or 3rd gear as they have just changed to green. If you drive the same route every day you should be able to judge the phasing of the lights, and by regulating your speed accordingly you will hardly ever stop for a red light.

My fuel cost is 11 pence per mile, but for most drivers it will be 15 pence or more. Keep this in mind when driving out of your way to fill up at a supermarket forecourt to save 2p a litre. You will need a big tank to make it worth your while!

These tips were provided by Dave fingers.
Fuel Consumption on the new 6 - jaydub
Thanks for the feedback. Exactly what I was looking for.

I've no trip computer on my current Accord, so have got used to calculating the fuel consumption after a refill. Looks like I'll need to continue.

I checked with my local Mazda dealer at the weekend and they suggested that the mid 40s should be readily achievable for the diesel, whereas the 2.0l petrol would only achieve ~35mpg.

They are now recommending diesels only if you do more than 20K a year, which is the minimum I'm likely to do.

As for the estate vs hatchback argument, I carry a boot full of gear every weekend from March until October and the lower loading height of the estate is definitely an advantage for me. Not to mention the aesthetics of the body shape!

Don't think I'll be cycling. It's a 43 mile trip for me to the office.

Fuel Consumption on the new 6 - midlife - what crisis?
If you go to the technical issues section, then use the menu at the top to select Mazda 6 2008- you'll find a thread about the longevity of the diesel engines in these cars with a link to another thread about the problems that have arisen in the longer term. Don't want to put you off, but if Screwloose is of the view that this is bound to end in tears I think I'd be thinking twice.

53 Vectra 1.8 Fuel Consumption - Davefingers
Just done two long trips from Leeds to London and Cambridge - 850 miles.
Worked out I was getting 44.1 mpg on average; never went above 70mph.
Steady dual carriageway driving with 3 people in car and a small amount of luggage.
This works out at 9p per mile based on petrol at 86.9p a litre.

Notice how bus and train operators are a bit slow to pass on their savings in fuel costs? My advice:
If you are travelling on your own take the coach; if more than one of you take a car.

Happy New Year !!



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