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2000 2.0 Replacing Clock Cluster / speed sensor - Paul678

The speedo on my 406 sometimes decides to die on me for several minutes (usually at the beginning of a journey) and then flicks back into life from zero to the correct speed. From reading posts it seems it will be the speed sensor on the gearbox, some small part behind the glove compartment or the clocks themselves. As I found a clock cluster at the breakers the other day i thought Id try it first.

Q. - Do I need to disconnect the battery when I pull the connectors out of the old clock section and plug them back in the new one?

I prefer not to do this if possible as I dont have the radio code and will then have to take the radio out (to get serial no.) and pay for the code.

Q. - Or can I take the fuse out relating to the clock cluster wires?(or does the same fuse knock the radio out anyway!)

Many thanks for any advice you can give!

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2000 2.0 HDI Speed sensor - Paul678

Can anyone tell me what a speed sensor looks like on a Peugeot 406? Also, can I get to it from above or do I need a ramp and go from underneath?
I would like to swap mine for a new one as my speedo is not working properly. Dont want to pay the garage if i can do it myself though......


2000 2.0 HDI Speed sensor - mjm
If it is the same fitting as the Xantia then the transducer unit is fitted to the top rear of the transmition housing where the right hand driveshaft enters the diff housing. It will have a multi-pin connector going to it and is retained by one bolt which is outboard of the transducer housing. It looks like a white plastic moulding in the Haynes manual. The manual also says tackle from below. Having seen the pics and knowing the lack of room at the back of the engine, at least in the Xantia, i guess that they are correct.

2000 2.0 HDI Speed sensor - Peter.N.
That's where it is on the XM, not to difficult to get at once you have it off the ground, but the 406 might be a bit more cramped.

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2000 2.0 HDI Speed sensor - ChicksFan
You say the speedo isn't working properly. What is it doing?

Sorry ignore this question. Just read your other thread which explains what's happening.

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2000 2.0 HDI Speed sensor - RichardW
If the speed sensor has failed, then the odometer will stop working at the same time as the speedometer. You might need to remove the steering wheel in order to get to the instrument panel (you do on a Xantia) - which means distrubing the air bag - which certainly requires a battery off.
2000 2.0 HDI Speed sensor - Paul678
Odometer does stop working when the speedo dies and then they both start again after several minutes.
I have tried a new speedo cluster/instrument panel and the problem still persists so I assume the only thing left is the speed sensor (as interface box not available on mine).

Ill have a look for the sensor using the info from the above posts and see if I can get to it. Peugoet told me a new one would cost between 40-80 quid for the part (depending on which one of 2 types it needs) si i want to fit it myself if poss to save their "labour" costs!

Thanks for the help all
2000 2.0 HDI Speed sensor - Reggie
It is quite straightforward to change the speed sensor, if a bit fiddly, but you do need to put the car on ramps. !0mm or 11mm bolt head iiif I remember?

I changed this on mine to no avail and it turned out to be the "box of tricks" in the glove compartment. I understand, as you have implied, that this is peculiar to certain models.

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