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CB1100 (yr2000) X11 Surging problem - happytorque
My motorbike has developed a fault and im stuck for ideas. After a steady run at motorway speeds, once I close the throttle to slow down, the engine jerks as though its being starved of fuel. Feels very similar to the good old days when your bike ran onto reserve and you had to grope about to switch the fuel tap onto 'reserve'. If I open the throttle it pulls away nice and clean, but shut it again and it feels jerky (like surging).
Performance is otherwise generally ok except that when the engine is hot, the idle is always a bit rough and lumpy (but sweet and crisp when the engine is cold). Any ideas please? By the way, the bike has fuel injection and is the same one thats in the Honda Blackbird.

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00 1100 Honda CB1100 X11 Surging problem - Pugugly
I remember having similar symptoms on a CB650 I had in the 80s. Eventually traced it to a filthy dirty clagged up fuel filter in the tank.

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