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air conditioning. - cattleman6
Today my wife asked me to pop in to a dealer near Dublin to see the new A4 Audi 2.0 diesel. Both of us were actually very impressed with what we saw.
I am puzzled about the different terms used for climate control.
In Dublin they have " Automatic air conditioning ,with sun sensor".
In the UK they have "Cimate control".
Please can somebody help? I have had "Climate control"with my excellent but ageing Seat and I love it and wouldn't want anything inferior. The salesman was very helpful, but he insisted that the Audi today does have climate control even though they don't call it that here.

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air conditioning. - runboy
I would describe climate control in a car as a system where you dial in a temp and the system does its very best to keep to that temp, possibly by way of a sun sensor on the dash and an inside temp sensor - this is how my Octavia works as I understand it.

Aircon I would think would be just a button you press to turn the compressor on and off and then adjust the temp by a rotary dial from hot to cold.

To me, auto aircon with sun sensor would indicate climate control.
air conditioning. - cattleman6

You are a wonderful help. I appreciate it. I always like to know that the salesman really knows his stuff. To be fair this man impressed us.
My Seat Toledo ( from end of 1999). it has dials and buttons, so you set the exact temperature. The normal airconditioning button is separate. It has always worked fantastically.
air conditioning. - runboy
You have probably the same unit that would have been fitted to my 2000 Seat Leon - if I had specced it! I had aircon on my 1.6S model which was rotary dials and an aircon button, whereas the climate unit had buttons and an LCD screen, maybe 2, to set the desired temp.

I think the VW/AUDI/SEAT climate units have a small grill on the front of them where the cabin air is sucked in to meter the temp - always worth a hoover now and again to remove dust.

I loved that Leon and when I see a Toledo V5 at a local dealer for cheap money I am very tempted just for the fun of it!
air conditioning. - cattleman6

Thanks for your information. I just love my 1.9 TdI Toledo; I bought it new near the end of 1999 when I was living in Sidmouth ( driving teaching and playing cello in the South West). I have now done 155,000 miles in it and drive it regularly up in Northern Ireland as well as my heavy daily traffic driving in and around Dublin. I have never had such a good reliable car. It goes fantastically and smoothly and extremely economically. My Toledo actually has the buttons mostly (there was a cheaper version with big round turning buttons. I wouldn't know which one you really had.They are all basically the same cars. They used to let me have lovely Leons as courtesy cars (Exeter). The new Audi A4 2.0 diesel would certainly be a nice replacement. They are a lot dearer over here.
air conditioning. - TeeCee
I think the VW/AUDI/SEAT climate units have a small grill on the front of them
where the cabin air is sucked in to meter the temp - always worth a
hoover now and again to remove dust.

Having had a Skoda Ocativia so fitted, you're on the money here. There are two small grilles on the front of the VAG "climatronic" unit. The left hand one gets dusty the right hand one doesn't. Presumably they suck through the left and blow through the right. This is, of course, on the basic unit, the "dual-zone" ones must have remote sensors in the appropriate parts of the cabin as they lack the grilles.

Objects in the rearview mirror may be huge and a very long way away.
air conditioning. - cattleman6
Thanks for that info. TeeCee.

My Seat Toledo 1999 which I bought when living and working in Devon, had pages of extras and it was the upmarket setup at that time with Seat. It had the full climate control (buttons,not the big round controls on the more basic model of Toledo).
It is just I am very weary of the way you often don't get all the extras in new cars like you would in the Uk. We have to pay a fortune more for cars here in Dublin. I am just not sure of the words used for the new Audi A4 diesel here as compaired to the same car in the UK.
"automatic air conditioning, with sun sensor" (in the Irish Republic)
"Climate Control" in the UK.
I think it must be the same thing.

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