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2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - dieselpower
can any one tell me what exactly this problem (EAC failure) is! or is it linked to a wide range of problems the car has been with ford over 4 weeks and still they have been unable to fix
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - Screwloose

The EAC light/warning is supposed to be exclusively for faults with the fly-by-wire electronic throttle.

On a Fiesta, it's usually the pedal sensor, which comes complete with pedal for £21 and takes 3 minutes to fit. [Cleaning it's plug often works too.]

Hardly uncommon, or known for causing "a wide range of problems" - more info on the fault needed.
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - dieselpower
thanks for the reply the car will not start at all i thought with this problem that the car should start but not accelerate am i wrong?
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - Screwloose

Yes; an EAC fault should only affect the throttle.

Can we have the full story; when and how did the problem occur, what did you notice, what did the garage find, what have they tried/said?

At the moment it's all too cryptic and the context is vital.
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - dieselpower
its not my car so not sure on all the detail, what i have found out is the car was driving at the time began to rev up and eac fail came up on the display, the car was then switched off and hasnt started since. the computer at ford said it was the camshaft or crank ford changed the sensors and the sensor for the throttle they also changed the fuel filter
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - Screwloose

That makes sense; it suffered a diesel runaway which the ECU saw as a failure of the electronic throttle as it wasn't responding to the "close throttle and don't rev like that" command. Was the oil over-full?

Clearly there's no-one with diagnostic ability at that dealership [common situation now] so get it to another, or a diesel specialist. If they can't see why a car won't fire after 4 weeks, then they never will. These Peugeot engines are a complete mystery to most Ford dealers; they are just floundering about in the dark.

Cam/crank implausible relationship codes after a runaway make me wonder about jumped cam belts.
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - dieselpower
ive never worked at one of these i just do my own mechanicing work so diagnostic are beyond me, what is meant by a diesel runaway? not sure what the oil level was as at the car, do u think it has jumped the timing? are these engines belt driven or chain
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - Screwloose

A runaway is when a diesel sucks in fuel it's not supposed to have [oil from a breather or a failed turbo etc] and revs uncontrollably - often to complete destruction with red-hot bits bouncing down the road.

Diagnostics are clearly well beyond this dealer too....

They are belt and I'm just guessing it may have jumped the belt from the fact that they found cam and crank sensor codes after this "incident." Bit too much of a coincidence.
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - dieselpower
so first thing first would be to check the oil level! then the turbo (how can i tell if the turbo has failed) correct me if im wrong but can they do a diagnostics on the car especially cam or crank shaft sensors when the car is not running
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - Screwloose

Those do need checking as two possible sources of the runaway - however; the more immediate concern is why it isn't starting.

To start, the ECU needs to see at least 120 bar in the fuel rail and a clean cam and crank sensor signal. [Minor details like adequate compression etc. are taken as given.]

It is quite easy to scope cam and crank signals without the engine running - if they have somebody competent to operate an oscilloscope....?
Ford Fiesta 2004 1.4 TDCi - mwilliams17

Hi, my old man seems to be having trouble with his Fiesta 1.4 TDCi (04 plate).

I've been reading through the threads already posted way back in 2008, but I don't think our problem is quite the same.

Driving down motorway 18th Dec 2010, drove through some slush, EAC light came on but NO loss of power etc. When home, turned car off - hasn't started since.

I had a friend of mine (a mechanic) run a diagnostic test on it and the following codes came up;
P0571 Cruise brake switch circuit malfunction.
U0155 Lost communication with instrument panel cluster (IPC).
P0341 Camshaft position sensor circuit performance.

It's been with an auto electrics specialist for 3 weeks. They said diagnostics pointed towards ECU. Replaced ECU with 2nd hand unit, but couldn't program it. They've since bought and fit a brand new ECU from Ford dealer (£900+), but can't program that either. Car is now with Ford dealer.

Please help.


2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - fattynali
hi just wondering if you managed to find the fault for the fiesta i have exactly the same fault changed the censer for the excelerater and now it wont start
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - dd58
I beg to differ my 02 plate has the eac fail come up after it's been raining and stationary but only comes up when I press the brake peddle and not the throttle.when I switch the engine off it won't start again but after 5-8 hours later when it's dry it's starts and goes fine,do you know the cause of this fault and will the engine ever cut out on me say for instance I'm stuck in traffic etc as I use my car for work in the evening and traffic is bad
2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure Replacement part - paganuk

I would love to know where you can get this part at this price. I have been quoted by Gates Ford. £101.57p

2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure Replacement part - MrEckerslikefromRamsbottom

Always check e-Bay for prices! I've seen a full set of filters for the Fiesta - including the usually expensive fuel filter - for about £40 on e-Bay, but only after I'd sent off £27 for a fuel filter (and that's cheap) to another advertiser. And a set of discs and pads for just over £30 from another e-Bay seller (no postage on those - it was only up the road, so I picked them up myself).

2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure Replacement part - wattie

i had the exact same trouble as yourself, ford had mine a full week and found out it was an electrical contact box that was not producing enough voltage, they had tried the usual things that have been mentioned in your enquiry, hope you have a bit of luck.

2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - paganuk

In the message from Screwloose. Could you tell me the name of the supplier of the pedal sensor for the amount of £21.. I have called as many accesssory and motor factor`s that i can find in my area. The only one i can find that stock the part is Gates of Harlow they want £101.57. for it.

2003 1.4 tdci Eac failure - kipperfillett
This fault has come up 3 times, after going through very wet sections of road. Not flooded, but with big puddles. The warning on the dash flashes when on the over run only. On pressing the accelerator there is a slight hesitation prior to the engine responding correctly, and the warning on the dash ceases. The first time it lasted about 15 miles, before it ceased doing it.nsecond time it lasted about 10 miles, the third time about 3 miles. Because of the very meet weather at the moment and the fact that it always happened having driven through wet roads, I assume it is linked to this. I have had the faults read at my local garage, and it showed a brake circuit fault, and a diesel injection circuit fault. I have had both faults cleared, and put in a Redex equivalent in the tank and filled up. If/when the fault re-occurs I will take the car back to have a diagnostic done again. Only about 40 miles done so far, but all OK. I will update as and when. In the meantime I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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