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'00 E430 Automatic Gearbox Won't Respond - drawde
My Father's 2000X Mercedes E430 has an intermittent problem with the automatic gearbox. One of two things happens. Either:

1. The gearbox goes into neutral while driving (usually on acceleration), and refuses to go back into gear.
2. The gearbox gets stuck in one gear and will not change either automatically or by overriding with the tiptronic function.

In either case, pulling over, switching off and restarting the engine cures the problem for a while.

My instinct is ECU - especially since restarting fixes it. Any suggestions?



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Tags: technical issues automatics gearboxes faulty gearbox clutches

'00 E430 Automatic Gearbox Won't Respond - elekie&a/c doctor
Really need to get a diagnostic check to see if any faults stored.However the most common fault on this model and year is the shift selector module which is the whole unit that the gear lever is attached to.Unlikely to be the g/box ecu.hth
'00 E430 Automatic Gearbox Won't Respond - drawde
Thanks! I will get a diagnostic on it. Is this an MB job or will an independant garage be able to do it?
'00 E430 Automatic Gearbox Won't Respond - Roger Jones
This may not be relevant, but . . . is the automatic-transmission fluid nice and pink, and is it at the right level? Maybe this model has a sealed-for-life box -- I don't know.
'00 E430 Automatic Gearbox Won't Respond - Roger Jones
I would go to an autobox specialist, unless they say that they can't cope with MB diagnostics.


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'00 E430 Automatic Gearbox Won't Respond - drawde
I will check on the fluid and also find a specialist in my area - thank you!
'00 E430 Automatic Gearbox Won't Respond - Roger Jones
Check out HJ's FAQ 22 as well.

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