2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - mosschops
Noticed a couple of weeks ago that my focus was gently accelerating by itself. Putting the clutch in caused revs to go to 4000rpm for 5 secs then all was OK.
Then after that when first starting off in the morning - (it has only showed this problem when cold) i get to the first junction and when the clutch goes in the revs go straight up to 4000rpm and stay there till i pull off again or get into neutral and bring the clutch up. If i put the clutch in and out the revs go up and down.
Today i felt the car pulling again by itself, put in the clutch, revs straight up to 4000 rpm and they wouldn't settle down so i switched off the ignition. Switched on the ignition again and the revs went straight back up. Turned off/on for a second time and it sorted itself out.
It only does this when cold and the clutch is not slipping and it has only done this when cold.
Any ideas before it goes into ford?

Thanks guys.

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2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Nicola_M
Hi there,

I was wondering if you had had any resolution to the problem with your Focus? I am having the same problem with my 1.8 Focus Diesel and am stuck for ideas to fix it. Any tips you could pass on?

Many thanks,

2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - rosco
i would take it to ford dealer get a code check go from there sonds like a tps problem sorry
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - mosschops
The car has had diagnostics ran on it and no fault codes have been logged. My brother inlaw says throttle position sensor also. At £50 i may well just fit a new one and let you know how it went.

2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - bikerider
Presumably it's a petrol engine, i had the same issue with my focus.A new tps cured the problem.
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - FocusBoy
I had this problem and had to fit a new inlet manifold. It seems some foci were fitted with the same inlet manifolds as the mondeo around 1999 - 2001. There is a ford TSB and if the car was under warranty it would be fixed. Basiclly the problem is described as "inlet idle air resonance." In short basically it meant that turbulent air was jamming open the idle air valve. Mine only revved to 2000rpm. It also only did it when it was cold (sometimes once a week - so didn't bother me that much) and after the car was 5yrs old it did it more frequently presumably because the idle valve was becoming weaker. Luckily I got brand new inlet manifold (with the new part number) and Idle valve on EBay for 99p + postage from someone who used a new zetec with carbs on a kit car. It can be seen that the manifold is shaped differently and the idle valve bolts directly to the manifold and not an alloy spacer block like previously.
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - gebstar
Hi there. I am not sure if I am having this same problem or not. When i drive it feels like the revs are too high and the car takes a while to catch up mine is a 2002 1.6 petrol. It is the same all through the gears. If i am sitting at 30mph say in 4th gear and put foot down to accelerate the car revs like craxzy but takes a while to get moving.

Can anyone help?

2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Screwloose

You've just described a slipping clutch - do you get a burning smell too?
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - gebstar

Cant say that ive noticed the burning smell. What is the cost of fixing the problem? It has been like that for a while only had the car 3 months. Will it be doing the car harm?
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Screwloose

Cost depends on where you are; 3.5 hours and around £100 for parts.

Harm? Yes; and it won't do it for long before it packs up completely.
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - gebstar
What exactly does it need just a new clutch or is it more complicated? Would it have to be a garage job?
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Screwloose

You don't sound like someone who is familiar with changing clutches, so a garage or clutch centre would be best.

Maybe drop into one, get a hands-on opinion and a quote.
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - hrvoje dagelic
..about the original question (over-revving)

I had the same problem on a different model and fixed it. It has to do with TPS idle voltage.
look here:





If you don't know about electronics you could try first loosening it (just a little) and moving it in the direction that the throttle turns. If it doesn't help you could try elongating the holes on the TPS to make voltage right (as Screwloose suggested):

"Drill out the two brass bushes and twist it back to get the lowest possible centre-pin voltage - usually around 0.7v on UK-spec ones. Then gently tighten the screws and spend the saved dollar on a nice cool drink."

...but that was all for a different engine (Fiesta, Endura-e 1.3, petrol) so I don't know if it's your problem...but I think it's likely...

2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Emma B
I have exactly the same problem as the original message.
I have a 1.8 1999 Focus Zetec. It only happens occasionaly- mostly when it is cold, but it is getting more frequent.
The revs surge and seem to pull you along at 2000rpm, even when you don't have your foot on the accelerator, and when you press the clutch in, they surge up to 4000rpm- which is really embarressing when you are stopped at a predestrian crossing, traffic lights etc.
I have done a diagnostic check on it but no fault codes show up, and annoyingly it won't happen when anyone else is in the car, or driving it.
Has anyone fixed this problem, and what exactly was it? None of the Ford garages seem to know what it is but by the sounds of one of the replies above it is something that Ford knew about.
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Screwloose

No good looking for codes on that one - it never leaves any.

The ECU doesn't get the message that the throttle is shut and leaves the idle control valve in the drive position - full open.

It can be the throttle position sensor; but is more often a cabling or software issue.
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - FocusBoy
Emma, this is exactly what happened to mine. I found the fix by purchasing via ebay the Ford workshop manual and there were clear details of a "TSB" (basically a fault which is identified and they release a solution to all dealers) which described it exactly.

This is the printout

Section: 303-01B (21)

Model: Focus with 2.0L Zetec-E engine with MTX 75 transmission built from 11.1999 to 07.2000 (build codes XM to YD)

Markets: All

Subject: Intermittent high idle or idle hang up (above 2000 rev/min) with/without moose noise


Should a customer express concern about intermittent high idle or idle hang up between 2000-3000 rev/min with or without a moose noise mainly when coming to a stop, the probable cause is acoustic resonance of the inlet air control (IAC) system. This concern should be rectified by installing a new intake manifold, distributor vacuum hose and crankcase vacuum hose.
Production Action

A revised intake manifold has been installed in production since 08.2000 (build code YE).

As I said, I got the new manifold and mine is fine now. It would probably be a very pricey job if you took it to a Ford dealer though....
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - FocusBoy
Just to avoid confusion I know it says 2.0 (which I have), the 1.8 has exactly the same inlet manifold so applies directly.
2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - RichS
Hi FocusBoy. I'm having the same problem on my 1999 focus 1.8 zetec. From the discriptions I've read here, it sounds more like the air inlet manifold than the TPS. If you happen to know them, could you tell me the old part number and new part number for the air inlet manifold. Or perhaps how I could find them out?

Also, @ Happydays, if the vaccuum hose behind the exhaust manifold is split, would I hear hear a noise? I've only had my focus for a month or two (loving every minute), and I do hear a kind of faint hissing noise in the background (not a puncture ;.). It sort of sounds like a turbo dump valve noise on a boy racers car but it's constant, not as loud and only when I'm going at speed.

Any feedback would be very appreciated.


2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - old crocks
Hi Rich,

Focusboy hasn't visited since Aug 08 and that was Happyday's only visit.

But someone else might be along shortly.
Or you could try a dedicated focus forum.

2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - RichS
Hi Old Crocks,

I'll check back from time to time ... in the mean time I'll look for a focus forum.

Cheers for advice

2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Andrew joyce

Had the same problem did you change the idle control valve that solved my issue

2000-w 1.8 zetec - High rev problem. - Happydays
Try the vacuum hose behind the exhaust manifold, it could have a split and be sucking to much air

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