2003 - Remove ECU. - gfe
Hi Guys.

Does anyone know how to remove the ECU from a 2003 Ford KA?
From what I can see it looks like you need to remove the whole dash! Surely that's not right!
On that note, does anyone know how to remove the dash. I located a couple of bolts behind platic covers on the door sill, and one bolt behind the platic cover on top of the dash on the passenger side, and although the dash is looser, it still doesn't want to go anywhere.


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Remove ECU. - Screwloose
Why do you need to remove it?

It should be in the L/H kick panel, under a security cover - just drill the pop rivets at an angle.

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Remove ECU. - gfe
Thanks for the reply.
It actually lives under the dash, just beneath the l/h airvent.
That's the problem. It's too deep under the dash to get to without removing the whole dash, as far as I can tell. I just wanted to find out if I haven't missed anything before ripping the whole car apart.
2003 - Remove ECU. - Brian Xpress

I have had the same problem with my ford Ka 2003, the ecu is held in by a steel cover which has a hidden 10 mill bolt, to access this bolt you have to slide the ecu back about one inch then you can access the bolt and undo it with a socket the steel bracket and ecu then come away from the car but the dash is still a problem.

So i think you need to free off the dash a bit, will let you know about the procedure later.

2003 - Remove ECU. - jc2

It's designed to be hard to remove to stop people fiddling with it!

2003 - Remove ECU. - Brian Xpress

Yea Tamper prof!!!! Just removed the ecu long job you have to remove or pull back dash about 6" then you can slide ecu out from steel holder. Your next mission is to remove the ecu plug which ford have cleverly atached with a shear bold already sheared so very difficult to turn, i broke the plastic tube and taped the bolt head around with a centre punch.

Ecu came apart from plug and revealed major corrosion on all pins no wounder it would not start

Now i am completly worn out.

2003 - Remove ECU. - Sean uk420

I would like to know what the ECU pinout is as I want to connect a bee r rev limiter.

I can't find anything online regarding a diagram for ECU


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