2002 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Misfire - Chris bhp
Any ideas on this one please.
Renault Espace 2.2 DTi The Race, 2002 (02 reg).

On the motorway the other day, noticed a bit of smoke, thought due to lack of use over the last few weeks it may just need a blast. got upto 70mph, tried to overtake and accelerated to 80, it all went wrong from there. Started to loose power, slowing involuntarily, pulled over to the hard shoulder, loads of smoke, engine running rough, like a missfire. Switched it off check all fluid levels and engine temp... all ok! started up and idle is rough, maybe running on 3 cylinders, smoke from exhaust, put your foot on the accelerator and it struggles to pick up, really struggles, when it does pick up the miss fire clears (or so it seems) but it smokes like hell. Absolute loss of power, had to limp it off the motorway.
In short, no power, poor idle, missfire and shed loads of smoke. HELP.
Any suggestions, other than a box of matches and a gallon of petrol greatfully received.



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2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Screwloose

What colour was the smoke? Black?
2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Chris bhp
Smoke.... erm, mixture of bluish grey and black.
2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Chris bhp
more black than grey the wife reckons.
2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Screwloose

I'd start looking for a stuck EGR valve.
2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Chris bhp
Would a stuck EGR valve cause missfire and lumpy idle, as well as smoking like a chimney? a friend suggested an injector down, hence the miss fire. Having said this i understand from reading threads on this site EGR valves are notorious for pink fluffy dice up. i also read somewhere you can disconnect them, as a temp measure to test if they are screwed. Advice greatly received. Thanks Chris

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2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Collos25
Change it you can clean them with carb cleaner but you have to remove them so you may as well fit a new one.The symptoms you describe are more like the turbo oils seals going which is a different matter, with the egr valve they normally just go onto limp home mode and you get a warning light on the dash more noticable in cold weather.I do not want to be a pessimist but with my experience of them and that of many contributers to this web site I would get it running ok and sell it sharpish.
2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Screwloose

Andy's right. On one of these dreadful things even a possible EGR valve fault is not a minor matter. [Disconnecting a stuck one is pointless.]

A stuck-open EGR is a big hole for the boost to leak away through. The poor old turbo struggles to reach the desired boost, overspeeds, shatters, fills the engine with ceramic frag - just before it runs away on the spewing oil, reaches 8,000-odd rpm, throws a rod and grenades.

You may have had a close call. Get it looked at fast. Then bin it.
2002 Espace 2.2DTi Smoking / Engine Miss-Fire - Railroad.
Faulty or blocked EGR valves are very common on these. Often they fall to bits inside too.

Remove the plug and the three 10mm screws. Remove the EGR valve, and check that it is in one piece. If it is then clean it with carburettor cleaner and a brush. This is quite a messy job, but when it is clean and the valve opens and closes freely put it back in and re-connect it. Power should now be restored to normal.

If it is in bits then fish out the broken parts with a magnet. Do not start the engine until you have done so. Once you are sure that all the parts are out of the manifold re-fit the EGR valve turned 180 degrees from the correct position. Only two of the screw holes will now line up, and you will not be able to connect the plug as it will be facing the wrong way. This will cause the engine management lamp to be on as the ECU now sees a fault, but you can drive like this quite normally as a temporary get-you-home until you can get a new EGR valve........


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