1990 1.3 - Indicator and wiper stalks - franco
I bought replacement wiper and indicator stalks for my Golf mk2. The parts are used and the indicator feels like it might be a bit more stiff than my current one is. (obviously I have not fitted the new one yet so it is difficult to compare them).

I was thinking that I could put some grease in both stalks and clear out the little bit of grime that I can see in them, but then the components inside seem to be mostly plastic so I am not sure this would make a lot of difference in any case. Also, would grease be bad for the metal contacts, which need to pass a current to make lights and wipers work??

Also, I undone all the screws on my current stalks and tried to withdraw the wiper and indicator stalks after taking the steering wheel off, but they were very difficult to withdraw. Is this normal and should I just tug extremely hard at them. I don't think there are any screws I am missing as I have looked in the Haynes manual. It should only be the electrical connections that are holding them after removing the three screws from the metal panel.

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Indicator and wiper stalks - Tim Allcott
If I remember correctly from doing mine, there are a LOT of electrical connectors which is probably what is making the unit so hard to remove... but someone will be along in a minute to confirm or deny that.
Indicator and wiper stalks - steveo3002
yeah the connectors will make it stiff

up to you on the grease...on one hand it might make em easier , then again all the dirt and dust will stick to the grease, id prob grease em myself
Indicator and wiper stalks - franco
Cheers guys. I think I'll wash the little bit of grime that's already in the used part then grease it too.

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