98 Driver's seatbelt jammed - Flexo81
My gf's 98 fiat punto has suddenly decided it doesnt want the seat belt to be unwound so it can be worn. It simply behaves as if you are pulling on it too hard and just wont move (no we're not pulling on it too hard! :P).

Is there any handy tricks that can be done to unjam it - have already tried keeping the belt 100% vertical and pulling very slowly. It wont even "take in" the slack of the belt that has been unwound.

If i cant sort it i'll have to faff about down at the breakers and replace it.

Any advice welcome.



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Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - jc2
Another one from a breakers???Don't you value her life?
Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - Flexo81
ofc i do, hence why we'd get one that worked...
Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - jc2
Yes-but it may have already been involved in an accident,not necessarily in the car you take it out from.
Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - Flexo81
true, and a very good point...

But assuming it wasnt involved in an accident, there wouldn't be any issues with replacing it with a used one would there? Im not sure if this model punto has pre-tensioners to worry about and therefore need to be fitted professionally?

Essentially isnt it a simple remove and replace jobbie?
Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - Chris M
Straightforward job. I don't think Puntos of that age would have pre-tensioners and if it did, the bit in the middle between the seats is where it is.

To suggest you don't care for the safety of your loved ones is a ridiculous statement. Make sure you see the doner car at the breakers - there are loads of reasons why a 10 year old car is scraped and only one of them is accident damage.
Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - jc2
It's upto you;I personally would not fit any secondhand "safety-related" items to my cars no matter how they had been inspected-neither would I fit remoulded tyres.My families' lives and mine are far more important to me than the few pounds I might save.
Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - Chris M
Sorry jc2, but I don't see how taking a part off a car you can inspect in a breakers yard is any different than buying a similar car secondhand. Are you suggesting that anyone buying a 1998 Fiat Punto should replace all the seat belts in case at some point in the last 10 years it has had to brake hard? While you're at it, you may as well replace all the tyres in case they have been curbed. That would all add up to more than the car is worth!

I'm not suggesting fitting secondhand parts is completely risk free, but if you are on a limited budget, some risk has to be accepted. After all, 1998 Puntos don't normally have airbags, ABS, EBA etc. etc.
Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - onlinegurl
Hi Matt,

Did you and your gf manage to solve this issue???

My Fiat Punto SX-98 decided to jam last night and I can't get it loose. It has happened several times, normally who knows why but turning the engine of/ getting out/ driving a shot distance causes it to become functional again. But so far no such luck this time.

Any help much appreciated.

Fiat Punto drivers seatbelt jammed - onlinegurl
Actually I managed to sort this myself, it simply took a fair amount of brute force for anyone with similar problem.

I did try to take the paneling of but was struggling with that so gave a last ditch attempt of forcing it out and managed to free it.

Now the parking lights have decided to go!!