95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - isisalar
Had the clutch replaced on my recently bought 1995 xantia estate. Clutch juddered badly and upon re examination it was discovered that the flywheel had some minute cracks and high spots.Bought a new(secondhand ) one from a breakers delivered to garage and apparantly wrong size(twice).Garage had old flywheel skimmed to get it off the ramp and picked up last saturday and all seemed fine ,a slight judder but you couldn't really complain about it .Today the bighting point gradually dropped to the floor and now the clutch is not disengaging properly at all.Any advice please

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95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - isisalar
Surely someone must know something about clutches?
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - Screwloose

Yes; they come in push and pull - hydraulic and cable.

Which one is yours?
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - stuartl
I had a Xantia and know that their clutches are a) quite strange in their operation (my Xantia clutch was fine one day then slipped like crazy the next) and b) they are very expensive to repair properly hence the reason I got rid of my otherwise 100% mint condition P reg Xantia as the cost of repair (I change engines without a second thought but forget anything on this car) simply meant it was not worth doing. Shame as it was a lovely car and a joy to drive and a very nice car to look at
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - isisalar
Thanks screwloose Its cable operated as far as I know and when shopping around for prices I was told that it was the more complicated of the two(push or pull) which was why the book time for the job was 7hours.Sorry I cant be more specific.
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - madf
I suspect the little plastic connector at the pedal end has broken. It costs about £3.00. But fixing it for those who do not specialise in this car will take hours and hours.

There is a quick fix solution which halves the time: look on French Car Forums .. no I have no URL - do a search.

Basically iirc the fix is better than the original factory instructions... al to do with a bodged LHD to RHD conversion... typically French...
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - RichardW
The Xantia TD uses a cable operated pull clutch.

I doubt the plastic clip has gone as this results in a loud twang and the clutch pedal sitting on the floor looking at you.

There are a few options here:

1. The car is fitted with an auto adjust cable (unlikely, as they mostly came in later, but Citroen are a law unto themselves) and it's stopped auto adjusting.
2. It's fitted with a manual adjust cable, and the nuts have come undone.
3. The cable is destroying itself
4. The release arm is broken (possible, but unlikely)
5. There's some internal fault with the clutch

You can check for manual / auto cable by looking at the gearbox end of the cable - the manual has a threaded end with nuts, the auto doesn't. Check the height of the clutch pedal - you should be getting abuot 150mm of movement - if not then cable has gone out of adjustment. Check at the gearbox end that the release lever is moving - but note that on this car the OUTER of the cable is the part that moves at the gearbox end (French design at its best!).

If it does need a new cable you will become accquatined with the infernal clutch clip - you will probably need to remove the clutch pedal the free the cable, so you might as well replace the clip while you're at it.

Changing a Xantia clutch is not much worse than most other modern FWD cars (Mondeo anyone?) - there's a lot to remove above the box (a bit worse as the LHM tank is in the way). The pull part of the clutch is just a 5 minute annoyance when removing / refitting the box - as long as the pin comes out of the release arm.....
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - isisalar
Thank you Richard.I've just tried to look for the nuts etc but will have to wait for some daylight
but, was advised today by one of the guys at work(ex racecar mechanic) who assumed it would
be an auto adjuster to try lifting the pedal as high as possible and then depressing it to try and get it back in sinc.I tried this and lo and behold upon lifting the pedal i could feel the ratchet ? operate and now I can select all gears and can even get into reverse although it still crunches a bit.Would I be right in assuming that it's an auto adjust?Its still not right as there's still far too much freeplay the biting point is still low and the crunching.Is replacing the self adjust a big job.I'm taking it to the garage on saturday to get it checked out.should I get them to order the self adjust parts?
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - injection doc
Has the pedal box got a fracture in it caused by the old clutch getting heavy.
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - isisalar
I'm no mechanic Doc and to be honest i've never even heard of a pedal box..Would I be right in thinking that it would house the main load bearing pivot/bearing.I'll put it on the list of things to check
95 1.9td vsx clutch problems - isisalar
Unbelievably on the journey to the garage tonight to drop the car off the clutch started working 100%.On setting off I had to start it in reverse to select it.Advice please.

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