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1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - VR6
My fathers Toyota Yaris 1.0L is now just over 3 years old and hence out of warranty. My father only drives about 4k miles a year. It's due for a service as its been a year (but only 4k miles) since the last one.

On such a low annual mileage is it worth servicing every 12 months /4k or would it make sense to service it every 24 months / 8k? The car will probably be kept until it falls to bits. What do the BR think?

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1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - madf
We have a 44k miles Peugeot 106 diesel - 14 years old and mechanically nearly new.
Change engine oil and filter every year.
Change brake fluid every two years.
Check everything especially underneath every year ...
Clean leaves out of air filter every year.
Use long life antifreze or change every two years.
Change gearbox oil every 5 years.
Oil all locks and hinges twice a year: before and after winter.

With low mileages, corrosion is a problem: disks, and pipes. And locks stick.

Simple really.

1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - Aretas
Our 1 litre Yaris is now 7.5 years old and does around 3500 a year.

It gets an oil and filter change every year with the MoT and a bigger service every other year. eg brake fluid etc.

It is done by an independent garage who are thorough.

Kept in a garage, which must make its life a little easier.

It has never been the slighest problem.
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - Falkirk Bairn
Get it serviced inc fluid changes every year - low mileage can be a big problem - under use is probably worse for a car than average use.

I have 2nd car now 9 yr old (owned by my from 2,000 mls for 8 yrs) with 45K on the clock - goes well - however sticking brake pistons, ineffective handbrake, corroded disks type problems require it to be looked at every year. Oil & filter changed annually, plugs & air filter every 2 years, brake fluid every 2 yrs (BF cost is minimal compared to a new ABS system if brake fluids are left unchanged)

It drives better and stops better after its service & MoT every September and worth the £150-£200 at my local Indie.

Big question this year is do I change the Timing Belt @ 10 yrs at a cost of £300-£400 (engine out job) or just leave it (non-interference engine!) Car is worth may be £1k-2K at best.
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - daveyjp
Our 1.0L Aygo has done just over 5,000 miles - it's one tomorrow and will be serviced next week - £100 at the main dealer.
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - VR6
£100 at a main dealer? I think the Yaris cost £180 last time and that was at an independent Toyota centre!
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - daveyjp
Cheap cars to run these Aygo's!
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - P3t3r
£100 at a main dealer?

I think the first 'service' for a lot of cars is not much more than an oil and filter change (probably also oiling locks, and checking brakes etc.).
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - madf
Yairs diesel service: 10k miles £120 at main dealer (after 3 quotes)
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - Blue {P}
My gran has a Yaris 1.0 and was asking me and my dad where to get it serviced now that it was out of warranty, out of curiosity we suggested she ask the dealership how much for a service. They wanted £69 as it's covered by some form of special offer for older vehicles. Not worth going anywhere else really and certainly not worth leaving it to every 2 years.

1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - daveyjp
My wife rang two dealerships for prices. One was £112, the other £114. She rang the £114 one and out of curiosity asked why they were more expensive than a neighbouring dealer, reponse was "we set our own prices, but I'll see if I can get a discount for you." Phone went quiet then a response that they would do it for £100 on a "while u wait" basis.
1.0L Servicing on low annual mileage - VR6
All these prices seen really low to me. Last year we paid £150 at a Hyundai Garage which was also an official toyota service centre. I remember getting a quote just over £200 from a dealer.

Well, if I can get it serviced for £100 then I guess I may as well get it serviced. Thanks for your replies.

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