C class service intervals - Richard Mckevitt
I am looking at buying a C Class Merc and have been told that they need to be serviced every 9000 miles

Is this correct

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C class service intervals - Bill Payer
What year is it?
C class service intervals - Richard Mckevitt
C class service intervals - umistim
The M.B. C-class from around 2001 onwards, has a message advising suggested time to next service available in the centre dashboard which can be accessed by buttons set on the steering wheel. This does not count just the miles covered but factors in number of cold starts etc.
In my opinion generaly speaking it is advisable to service most cars at least annually regardless of milreage.
C class service intervals - Bill Payer
Mine is a late 04 C270CDi.

As others have suggested, servicing is variable (by a Mercedes system called ASSYST). If fully synth oil is used (*and selected in the servicing menu*) then the default interval is 13000miles. This will shorten if you do lots of cold starts, short journeys etc, and lengthen if you do long journeys. The system allegedly monitors hard accelleration and oil quality, although no-one seems certain of that.

The car will alternate between A and B services - at an MB dealer, basic cost is roughly £250/£450. If the interval stretches out then it will tend to always ask for B services. It must have a service at least every 2 yrs, and if you get near 2yrs then it will ask for a B. Also needs brake fluid every 2yrs.

You can opt to go on fixed interval servicing, in which case its 15000miles or 12mths.

With a car of the age yours is (just out of warranty?) you might want to get a quote for MB ServicePlus - this takes care of all servicing and repairs and MOT's until the car is 6 yrs old. It'a not especially cheap, but it certainly offers peace of mind.
C class service intervals - boxsterboy
Not that I have any vested interest, but if you keep up the servicing with MB you get to benefit from Mobilo life.

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