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Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - Armitage Shanks {p}
A friend's daughter has gone abroad and left her Punto in the open on a hardstanding at the house for over a year. It has never moved or been run in that time. If it was a runner I think it might be worth £500. I guess it will need a minimum of a full service and all fluids changed, clutch, brakes and engine may be may be siezed, deffo a new battery, probably 4 new tyres. That would cost more than it is worth so probably get it collected and scrapped by a proper disposal contractor. Any thoughts on other things that might be needed and the cost involved, please?
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - Screwloose

Jump start it; pump up the tyres, check the fluids and give it a drive. A year is nothing.
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - 1066
i agree. 12 months should be fine. inflate tyres to help with flat spots. it'll start first time.
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - Aprilia
Usual problem with cars standing in the open is corrosion to brake discs and possible siezed caliper/s. They many need a clean up - depends how 'exposed' its been.
Other than that I should just give it a thorough check over. Battery could be a gone'er.
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - Victorbox
Possibly fuel gone stale so give it some fresh petrol.
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - 659FBE
Good advice above. If it goes and is worth keeping, change the cambelt asap.

Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - bell boy
you can bet the alternator will be seized beyond repair and will give the signs of a seized engine when cranked,i have had lots of these do this over the years and got quite adept at swapping the pulleys (2 sizes see)
the sump will probably be ready for springing a leak
the rear shoes might be ready for delaminating
the rear cylinders definately want checking for seizing
the clutch is probably stuck on
the floor at the rear of the footwells will have gone rotten
the ecu has probably gone green in its bits
the speedo wont work
the radius arms will have seized

not the best car to park up in the open in blighty

will it run? maybe
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - Rattle
My dads old Escort was left in a garage for 9 months as a result of a DIY accident. We put a new battery on it cleaned out the plugs and it started first time. Drove it to the MOT station failed on the following (which were all fine before accident)

1) Rear drums seized
2) Excessive play in steering
3) Chasis rotten
4) Emissions high (old fault)
And loads of other things.

However the car did run lovely, we sold it for £160 on ebay as he said it would cost £300 to do the work and he could not guarantee it would pass. The failure list was two pages long and he hadn't taken the car for an MOT, he just used his eyes.

Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - Billy Whizz
Five years ago my brother's 1994 4x4 was parked for 12 months in an old barn (as he was working abroad). The battery had been disconnected (Optima yellow top). The car started first time when we reconnected the battery. The rear shoes were stuck on but freed off when driven. The tyres had flat spots. The water pump was leaking as well as the rear crankshaft oil seal. We changed these engine parts and he still has the car with the same battery. No other indication of deterioration.
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - Armitage Shanks {p}
Many thanks for the replies so far! Obviously step one is to see if it can be moved at all (by pushing) and then try jump leads or a battery to see if the engine will turn and take it from there. Nothing is going to happen before Xmas I don't think but I will post back with an answer, if there ever is one. I take the points about increased tyre pressures and change fluids including nasty old petrol. Thank you all for your input and a cheerful festive season to you all! I am working 8am to 11pm on Xmas Day but the overtime will buy a few bevvies and a headache so it isn't all bad!
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - cimardinius
I left my Barchetta in the garge for more than ayear when I was working abroad. Started third turn of the key. Pumped the tyres, re-set the clock (it was 20 minutes slow) and carried on as usual. That was 3 years ago. Still going strong, just send it for a full service at the dealer every year.
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - bbroomlea{P}
I left my Rover 214 in a garage for just over 12 months - didnt expect to leave it there that long and stupidly put it away wet in the middle of winter so probably covered in salt as well.

On trying to get it going again it needed:
-new starter motor
-new alternator
-new disks and pads on front
-clean up of rear drums and free off
-charge battery and it came to life

Initially thought the engine had seized, but as bellboy said it was the alternator stopping the engine turning.

to be fair the disks had been on for 50K or so and the pads were nearly due replacing so was fine with that! Starter motor was always a little tempremental before it was put away so again would have needed replacing.

5K and 7 weeks later it needs a new mid section of the exhaust which didnt look too cleaver when I had it on the ramps - was an aftermarket one and has rotted from both outside and in.

Havent changed any oil or filters yet so thats a job for a weekend soon!
Car standing unused for 12 months. Will it run? - stevekay
I built a kitcar many years ago that I left in the garage for 6 months every winter. My tip was to take out the plugs and crank it over on the battery to get oil to everywhere before puting the plugs back and then getting it to fire. The thought of dry bearings under pressure makes me shudder!!!!!!!

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