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I bought a 2nd hand car from a repairer 3 months ago and I was told that the car was serviced and I was given a receipt indicating what was done and how much it cost. Now it seems to be suffering from a couple of problems. First the car judders (vibrates when switched on) , then when you shift to first gear and try to drive the car with the handbrake up the car moves, now the heater dont work and everytime I top up with coolant it doesnt seem to fill the container but I dont see any water leaking from under the car and plus there is also a cranking noise like metal shaking the noise comes and goes but Im worried. I bought the car for £700 and exchanged my vauxhall corsa 1993 k reg with 49,000 mileage.

What are my right? If I have any. And are the problems on my car serious? SOMEONE HELP!

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HELP! - Jlanza83
Yes I have read the above article but im not sure if it applies to myself as I have only bought the car for £700.

Can someone tell me if one of the problems Im having is the water pump.

My heater dont blow hot air only cold air so when I have the heating on full it feels like I have the aircon on, I thought that it needs water/coolant so I topped it up but the container doesnt seem to fill. I dont see any leak either. I was told by the seller that the water pump is new so wat could it be?
It sounds like you could well have a blown head gasket. Unfortunately not unheard of on Rover engines.

Open the oil filler cap on the engine. Is there any cappucino froth / mayonnaise looking deposit in there? Is there any oily residue in the coolant container?

If you were losing coolant in that sort of quantity through the water pump it would be leaking out under the car.

Get it back to the supplying dealer without further hesitation and see what they say. The longer you leave it, the less chance you have of any assistance.

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HELP! - Jlanza83
I just checked the oil and it looks fine considering I have just changed oil last saturday. I topped it up again with more water and the level has stayed. I looked for any leaks and there were none.
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As well as head gasgets the engine blocks corode and all sorts of wierd thinks start happening by the sound of it take it back sharpish and recover said gelt.
(95-99) Multiple problems. - J1mbo
The problem we have is that the car was purchased for £700,I doubt whether you would get a refund or a free repair. I think the most you can expect is a contribution to the cost of repairing it. Could you specify the "cost to change" and the actual mileage and age of the car?

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