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2004 Scenic = rubbish! - aahbarnes
Our 2004 Scenic 1.9dCi Priv has well and truely let us down again. The keycard system has completely failed so we can't unlock/lock it. Luckily we were able to get in with the little key and drive it after the alarm timed out, but this really is getting silly now. I could write a list of faults as long as my arm, the interior rattles like a Sierra, the interior plastics are brittle, the engine keeps idling like a tractor (dealer says ok) and i'm generally fed up with it.

It's a real shame because the concept is great, it's nice to drive and looks good. We won't be buying this at the end of the lease.
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - geoff1248
"We won't be buying this at the end of the lease."
No, but someone else will......
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - rustbucket
The scenic I had for 3 years certainly was a very good concept and proved to be ideal for myself and the work I used it for, but as time went on and the mileage approached the 60 k mark the poor build quality and reliability started to show .It did get to 100 k in 3 years but it struggled.
rustbucket (the original)
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - aahbarnes
No but someone else will......

I know and I feel seriously sorry for them.
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - DP
Sorry to hear you've had such a terrible time.

We bought our "54" Grand Scenic 1.9 dCi back at the beginning of the year, and have put 10,000 miles on it (now on 45k) with total reliability, apart from a window regulator failure a couple of weeks ago. I've seen the complete service and warranty print out from Renault UK for the car and it's basically had two faults in its entire lifetime - a guide for the panormamic roof was replaced, and a rear door handle was replaced. The previous owners had it from 6 months old, and were only selling it because they were emigrating.

It has one interior squeak - a gentle "chirp" from the sunroof blind whose severity is directly related to the ambient temperature. Otherwise it cleans up as new inside and feels quite taut.

I guess we seem to have got a good one. I'm pleased because the car itself in terms of the concept and design is an outright class leader in my opinion.

I cannot agree with your headline, but do sympathise with your problems. In your position I would probably be even less polite :-)

04 Grand Scenic 1.9 dCi Dynamique
00 Mondeo 1.8TD LX

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2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Alby Back
I have owned or had long-term use of 35 cars in my life so far. Apart from the very early bangers, almost everything I have had in the past 25 years has been pretty good at doing what it says on the tin. I have had probably every major European brand at one time or another. The one infamously notable exception to this otherwise satisfactory, and mainly pleasurable, motoring experience was a Renault Espace 2.2 diesel leased new in 2002. What followed can only be described as automotive purgatory for two years. The car itself was quite the most unreliable piece of seemingly randomly assembled parts I have ever had the misfortune to experience and the dealer was utterly and completely useless. My lifestyle / occupation demands constant access to a reliable and spacious workhorse of a vehicle to do huge mileages and this one singularly failed to provide that. To add insult to injury, towards the end of the lease, and at a time when the accursed thing was still off the road for five weeks with yet another problem, the leasing company rang me and asked if I would care to buy it at the end of its contract ! As you can imagine, my response was a slightly more elaborate and colourful version of "not in this lifetime bud ! " Given the average human span of three score and ten I could not in all conscience bring myself to spend any of my remaining time in the company of a Renault !
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - cheddar
It seems to be the case that the larger Renaults, Laguna and Espace are less reliable than the smaller ones, Clio and Modus with the Megane and Scenic somewhere in the middle.

Though to support the Renault case our Clio had been brilliant over 7 years and 45k miles, much more dependable than a friends Yaris and totally corrosion free unlike a local Polo of the same age.
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Altea Ego
Had no real agro with any renault I have had would happily have another.

Not an espace tho, thats pushing the envelope a bit far.
< Ulla>
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - aahbarnes
I can guarantee I can point you to one fault on your car. Look at the drivers top seat belt mount on the pillar - see where it has rubbed right through the fabric?

2004 Scenic = rubbish! - DP
It was marked but not worn through last time I looked, but I take your point. I have two kids under 3 - frankly, this would render the interior of an Audi decidely tatty after a few years hard use so it didn't really concern me. It's going to look very "secondhand" when we're through with it anyway, regardless of what manufacturer built it and where.

It still doesn't make it a rubbish car in my opinion, but as I said, I have had nothing like the grief you've had, and the history doesn't give me any further cause for concern. No it's not built like an Audi, but neither is it priced like one.

I don't tolerate unreliability, so it will go if it starts acting up. So far though, I remain impressed.

04 Grand Scenic 1.9 dCi Dynamique
00 Mondeo 1.8TD LX
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - The Honourable
Some moons ago had a Y reg 'New' style Laguna as a company car. A real ball of fire with a 1.6 engine and distorted driving position. Left it parked at the garage when collecting my new car with the speedo needle in the 12 oclock position - with the engine off. Utter rubbarsh.
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - BobbyG
In June I traded my 2004 dci Dynamique Scenic in for my Seat.
An ideal car in my opinion would be a mix of the two. The Seat is solid, well put together, reliable but just doesn't have that wow factor of the Scenic.

As a package the Scenic is second to none for versatility, toys and enjoyment. But it has annoying things like the rattly sunroof and I had a creak above my driver's door in the headlining that I just couldn't get rid off.

But I loved the keyless entry, the glass roof, the auto handbrake etc

And Renault stereo remote controls are the best in the market.

2007 Seat Altea XL 2.0 TDI (140) Stylance
2005 Skoda Fabia vrS
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - The Melting Snowman
Reasonably happy with ours, although we have experienced quite a few electrical problems. In fact, all the problems we've had have been electrical.

Few too many rattles appearing for a youngish car. Dashboard, roof and door panel are the main ones.

A great car in so many ways - fantastic practicality, great diesel engine, good seats, fast, economical. Good gearchange and brakes. A real curate's egg (does the apostrophe go before or after?), so good in many ways - often bordering on brilliance - but so infuriating in others.

Dealer reasonably good but not great.

Would I buy another? Probably not, although I might get another Reno, possibly a Clio or Modus as we don't need the space now and they seem to do better in the surveys.

2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Paul I
Like one other on here we ditched our Renault Scenic MKII for a Seat Altea. I speak having had both a Mk 1 and MK II I Wouldn't have a Renault Scenic again if you paid me.

First one old shape fine 130 k no problems the DTi engine was fantastic and introduced us to the pleasures and perils of Renault ownership.

Problems - one Turbo problem (yes it's a 1.9) power steering (twice) air con (loads of problems) and all from a 54 plate car with 30k on the clock Renault have twice said we must be abusing the car ?

What really did it for me was when I had a conversation with the sales manager ar our local dealership "well we won't be buying another Renault again - I also ran a Laguna 1.9 Dci at the same time - to which he replies - well if you don't Renault Uk won't notice as they just will have to pre-reg one more - Attitude that says it all

So we now have an Seat Altea with a PD engine - louder yes but it is just a much better car. I know that i'm not going to have a call from the wife saying she's returning home again in an AA Truck !!
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - aahbarnes
The icing on the cake for us was when the service guy said "well it is a Renault after all!"
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - boxsterboy
A real curate's egg (does the apostrophe go before
or after?) >>

Depends if the curates is singular or plural. If singular, apostrophe is before the s. If plural, apostrophe is after the s.

I think.

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2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Pugugly {P}
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - mike hannon
It's always worth remembering, when mentioning the 'curate's egg' that he said it was 'good in parts'. But in actual fact it was rotten right through but he was too embarrassed to say so.
Not that I know anything about Scenics except that my neighbour has had the same one for more than ten years and, although it makes a range of weird noises and the clutch smells awful when we are using it to haul logs with a trailer, it just goes on and on...
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Optimist
The only Renault I've ever driven was a work Laguna which was genuinely the car from hell.

Anyway...what I really wanted to post about was the apostrophe. The singular and plural aspects are right, leaving aside the unlikelihood of many curates sharing a single egg.

But it's curate's egg singular because there was only one curate in the original Punch cartoon which showed the embarrassed curate eating a dodgy breakfast egg and assuring the bishop that it was "very good in parts". Which the Laguna wasn't.

Had some very palatable Chilean cabernet this evening!

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2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Avant
As I always say when Renault threads appear, I had 7 company Renaults between 1980 and 2001 (20TS, 2 x 18GTX estates, 21 Savanna, Espace, Safrane and Laguna V6), doing 25,000+ miles a year in each with no major problems and very few minor ones.

I think that quality took a downturn from about 2000 onwards - maybe there's been a recovery recently. Because of the well-documented problems like those mentioned above, residuals are hopeless, and now that I buy my own cars I go German.

Renault have often been first in the frame with new electronic gadgets - wan't 'plip' a Renault-coined word? - but they seem to leave the development work to the customer. I still don't want a car with a keycard - an answer to a problem I've never had. Imagine being stranded miles from anywhere with no mobile signal.....
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Lavenderblu
Hi well there's always someone worse off than yourself so to cheer you up here's my story!
I have owned 3 Scenic's since 1998, each model made the Mark 1/2 &3 my present one is a 2004 1600 petrol. I made the mistake of keeping mine after the 3 year warranty finished these are some of the faults that have occured.
Fan blower failed 3 times twice under warranty it now runs on 2 speeds only but I don't want to spend mega bucks getting it fixed.
The rear window exploded outwards for no reason (Warrnnty repair), window motor failed.
Cam phaser (Twice) stranded the car, never change the oil at the service interval this is too far and knackers the cam phaser.
Solid state dash board failed completely immobilising the car at 45K new one fitted but mileage cannot be corrected.
Rear seats jammed down unable to lift up due to the kids pushing sweet papers between the seats, repaired at cost.
Battery failed replaced at warranty.
Engine failed at 64K two months out of Renault warranty, valve went through piston crown. Warrantywise (Or no warrantywise) failed to cover repair spoke to Renault who paid 70% of cost but still left me with a £1400 bill. Local dealer at Kings Lynn where I have purchased my last three Renault were unhelpful thanks to East Bilney Renault for fighting my corner. I spoke to an recon engine supplier who told me he does about 3-4 Scenic engines per week and they all do the same thing around the same mileage. My advice is always change the oil at 12K and keep it on the upper mark on the dipstick never below that or what happened to me will happen to you. Oh I nearly forgot I put three small bikes on a bike rack and it bent the rear hatch like a banana!
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - Avant
"my neighbour has had the same one for more than ten just goes on and on"

I think you live in France, Mike? I'm curious as to how the French still predominantly buy French cars (albeit not universally, as it used to be). You don't often see them highly polished - indeed French makers seem to produce a special nondescript shade of beige just for the home market - and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of French drivers didn't have their cars serviced all that regularly. But they go on and on, and their owners eventually, well satisfied, buy another of the same make.

The only theory I can come up with is that the extra gadgets are put on to satisfy the British market, and that the French mostly buy the bog-standard model without the dodgy electrics.

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2004 Scenic = rubbish! - DP
Well, nearly 9 months on from my last post on this thread, 10k added to the mileage, and still chuffed with ours. Had to replace a couple of glowplugs (easy DIY, and nothing untoward on diesel engine of this mileage) and it went into limp mode when the wastegate hose split. Still ran, but would only do about 40 mph and with the dash lit up like a christmas tree. Fixed first time and for a two figure sum by the local Renault dealer. Needed front discs and pads at the last service, but otherwise given a clean bill of health.

The interior has some creaks and odd bits of wear that shouldn't really be present in a 55,000 mile car (B-pillar trim and gearknob mostly), but it still cleans up beautifully. Seats and carpets show no sign of wear, all the electrics work perfectly, and the 1.9 dCi engine is still as gutsy and smooth as ever with no vibration or diesel rumble even when extended to the limiter. Rarely returns less than 40 mpg, sometimes more than 50, and is a joy to use. I ignore Renault's service intervals and drop the oil and filter every 9k for decent ACEA B3 5W/40 synthetic oil, but other than that it's just been serviced to schedule.

I still think it's a brilliant all-round family car which has more than lived up to our expectations. Versatility and sheer ingenuity of design are seriously impressive, and the ultra smooth ride comfort the quiet, torquey engine and long 6th gear gives it a lovely loping feel on the motorway. We're trusting it with a 2,000 mile trip to Northern Italy and back in the next few days, and won't think twice about it.

I really hope I won't be on here in x weeks or months with tales of woe, or regretting these words from the side of a German Autobahn on Friday morning, but so far I have to say, so good. We like it a lot. A pleasure to drive and own.

2004 Scenic = rubbish! - jase1
"The only theory I can come up with is that the extra gadgets are put on to satisfy the British market, and that the French mostly buy the bog-standard model without the dodgy electrics."

That is the case actually -- French cars in France tend to be very basic. The electronics -- the main reason a lot of buyers choose Renaults in particular -- are not nearly as well developed as the rest of the cars.

"The icing on the cake for us was when the service guy said "well it is a Renault after all!"

Surely not?
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - DP
Well, we got back this morning. 2106 miles in 8 days through 6 countries. 130-170 km/h with a full load on the motorways of France and Germany, 1 in 5 hills in 32 degree heat and the stop/start traffic around Lake Garda. Not a misfire, breakage, or more than 100ml of oil used. Car performed like a dream. Averaged 43 mpg for the whole trip, which considering it was loaded to the gunwhales, spent a lot of time in congested traffic in a very hilly area, crossed the Alps fully laden, and was driven pretty hard on the straight stuff, I thought was very impressive.
The 1.9 dCi doesn't even feel underpowered with 4 passengers and a crammed full boot on a derestricted German Autobahn or when ascending an Alp. A peach of an engine - quiet enough at 160 km/h for the kids to snooze contendedly in the back, yet still comfortably exceeding 40 mpg even when thrashed. If I'd driven the Volvo like this I'd have been lucky to see 25 mpg, although admittedly I'd have been going a lot quicker. Comfy seats, lovely ride, low noise levels even at silly speeds, and utter reliability. The chassis was hardly the ultimate in entertainment in the Alps, but hey, you can't have it all. Besides, the sprogs were in the back.
Some might be rubbish, not all are. I grow fonder of ours by the week.


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2004 Scenic = rubbish! - gismo
I'm really pleased to say that I will be getting rid of my Scenic at the end of this month. It's a company car that was "dumped" on me a couple of years ago - 54 reg Scenic Elegance 1.6 16v petrol, with 106,000 on the clock.
I'm not sure why I hate it so much though; it goes pretty well for a 1.6 petrol, it handles reasonably well, stops well and isn't uncomfortable. It also does 37 mpg, and I don't exactly drive slowly. I think it is it's lack of "presence" that I don't like. Having had Fords, VW's etc as company cars before, I got used to being respected on the road. With the Renault, if I come up behind somebody in lane 3 and wait for them to get out of the way, they seem to ignore the Renault. Or, people pull out of junctions as I approach, which they wouldn't do to a "proper" car!
Reliability-wise, it's the electrics / electronics that let it down; several window regulator mechanisms, door handles, blower switch, complete digital dashboard display etc. The little buttons on the outside of the door handles are supposed to lock the car if you have the card on you - only one of them now works, and the one on the hatch.
The interior is almost impossible to get clean - it's the half leather version, in what appears to be two-tone beige, with light beige carpets.
The local dealer services it on behalf of the lease company, and it usually has to go back several times to be sorted out.
I'll be swapping it for another "hand-me-down"; a 2007 Golf S 1.9 TDI this time - I can't wait! Anything is better than the Renault...!
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - stevekay
Please don't knock Renault - they keep my local garage afloat. The spannermonkeys love 'em to bits as they are always going wrong - from Clios to Espace, along with Citroen and Peugot - they get to the end of the warranty and bang! out of the dealer network and into the hands of Shaun and Andy. I wouldn't have one given from the stories they tell me - why do people part with their hard-earned on such piles of engineering crap with unsympathetic manufacturers and surly dealers?
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - DP
why do people part with their
hard-earned on such piles of engineering crap with unsympathetic manufacturers and surly dealers?

Because they're not all as described by you, and by the horror stories in this thread.

2004 Scenic = rubbish! - hillman1 {p}
Hear hear DP!
2004 Scenic = rubbish! - pd
Apparently Renault are somewhat mystified as to why sales of their new Laguna are way, way below targets and they're having to get rid of 6000 staff.

Perhaps it has not occured to them that a significant part of their target audience with the new Laguna also owned an example of the last one.....

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2004 Scenic = rubbish! - stevekay
I agree DP that they are not all bad but the horror stories do seem to exceed the good ones and their is a concensus locally in the garage trade that once they hit 3y and/or 50k miles the repairs come on big style. Its not just repairs but the engineering involved - shall we talk about replacing bulbs on meganes?

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