00 2.5 V6 Heater problems - Beneton

I've got a 2000 W plate Omega 2.5 V6 CDX which has climate and air con. My problem is that when the heater is on, the only vents that blow out hot air are the rear ones!! That obviously shows the heater matrix is working and that the car is arriving at the correct running temperature at some point.

If using the demister or opening the front vents or actually the heater anywhere in the front, I turn into an ice cube very quickly!

Any thoughts?



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00 2.5 V6 Heater problems - topbloke
these vehicles run on a vacumn system to distribute the air/heat, one would think that you either have a leak/split pipe or one of the actuators has packed up, can you/are you able to turn the heat off as there is a heater valve on the bulk head, rear of engine that stops the water flowing into the matrix that is vac operated, if this dont work properly there may be a pipe disconected under the bonnet, have you had any work/service done recently !
00 2.5 V6 Heater problems - SpamCan61 {P}
I reckon topbloke is probably right about a vacuum hose, but might be worth resetting the controller first, just in case, and it's easy. Can't remember the exact sequence on an Omega, but it'll be in the manual. Something like holding down the AUTO and OFF buttons then switch the ignition on, or something like that.

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