03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - shug119
My malfunction light came on constant. I took it into my local garage ( not nissan) he put a computer on it and said it could be a sensor problem. The light went off, he told me to use it for a week. The light came on after about 4 days. He orderd a new sensor, but the car would not start with it in. He put the old one back in and it was ok for about 3 days.
The light is back on now, he is going to order a new sensor from a different supplyer to see if this works.
Has anyone had this problem, or any advice would be welcomed.
Cheers Shug.


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Malfunction indicator light. - McP
What year and engine size?

Which sensor has been replaced?

You can get a fault code yourself by shorting 2 terminals in the fuse box next to the steering wheel.
I think it is the the bottom left and right ones but can't be sure.
This will make the fault light flash in a sequence of long and short flashes
Someone else on here should know but you must provide year and engine size.
Malfunction indicator light. - mjm
The experts will along in a minute.

Before they do, give them a chance.

Year of car?
Engine size/type/code?
What was the fault code?
What was the sensor which was replaced?
What symptoms did you get, stalling, poor idle, poor fuel consumption, something else?
How good is your local garage?
Malfunction indicator light. - shug119
Engine 1.0 16v 3 door hatch 2003.
I think the sensor was the timing belt.
Poor idle.
A bit under power.
With the new sensor it would not start.

Cheers Shug.
Malfunction indicator light. - Screwloose

We're not going to get very far with this without accurate info. Is this the current model of Micra or the K11 model?

If it's the 03-on model [K12] then the timing chain has likely stretched.
Malfunction indicator light. - jc2
But that is not a sensor!!Possibly crank sensor but if we don't get told???
Malfunction indicator light. - Screwloose
But that is not a sensor!!


Read beween the lines. Look at the symptoms - classic Nissan chain. The crank sensor is down the back at the gearbox end - nowhere near the "belt."

How many sensors have the ability to stop an engine starting? Very few - but a cam sensor is among them. [On these.]

What codes does a stretched chain throw up - cam sensor synchronicity codes!

Anyway; it's a late Micra. If the chains not gone, it will certainly be going.
Malfunction indicator light. - shug119
Thanks for your help guys,( I am not that clued up under the bonnet) the car is the new shape, it has done 40,000 miles , mostly short drives. Its going back in the garage on Friday to try a different sensor, if this does not work I will have to go to a Nisson dealer (30 miles away).

If it needs a new timing belt, how mutch do the cost. ( including fitting).

Cheers Shug.
Malfunction indicator light. - Screwloose

It's not a belt; these have a chain.

If it's that [and there's very little fact to go on here] then it's very expensive to replace - about a day and a half's work and £500 of parts if done properly.

Your Nissan dealer will know exactly how much - they will have done dozens.
Malfunction indicator light. - shug119
Cheers Screwloose.

What I can't understand is why the new sensor will not work, and the old one will work for about 5 days. Even when he put the computer on it at first it went off for a week (withouy doing anything to the sensor).
Where abouts is the sensor, is it just a plug in job ?

Cheers Shug.
Malfunction indicator light. - Screwloose

With no info about exactly which, of about a dozen, sensors we're discussing; it's difficult to be precise about anything.

If it's the cam sensor - IF - then there are two sensitivity ranges available - one made purely to put the light out until the warranty runs out....

If you've got that "wideband" sensor; the original type will show too much assynchronicity with the crank sensor and stop it starting.
Malfunction indicator light. - buzbee
Interesting HJ information on the Micra K12 in

"Car by Car Breakdown"
* Nissan - Micra (2003 - )

Small box in right hand column here.
Malfunction indicator light. - steady.eddie
Hi Shug
Did you ever cure this fault as my daughter has one the same?
Malfunction indicator light. - anarchy
I have Micra 53 model and I dont want to bring the bearer of bad news but my car has broken down approx every 2000 miles and each time it has been the crankshaft sensor. I have not done many miles 12024 and it actually broke down again yesterday. I will be contacting Nissan again on Tuesday, as previously they have always repaired with no charge. Whenever this has happened the malfunction light comes on as does the oil light and battery light. If I wait approx. 1 hour the car will start again, but the malfunction light remains on. When I asked Nissan how long are these parts supposed to last, there response was "how long is a piece of string". The last time it happened I had to return the car to the Nissan dealer where I purchased it. They turned off the mulfunction light and they said I could drive the car until the new part was in. However when leaving there branch, and travelling home on a dual carriageway doing approx 50 mph the car just stopped instantly, I dread to think what could have happened if another vehicle has been close behind me.
Malfunction indicator light. - anarchy
As per my previous message, Nissan will not help with this matter as the car is now over 4 years old. I have taken my car to a local garage to get the crankshaft sensor changed, but we are unable to get this part, the local main dealers say it is on back order and cannot get one until after the 4th June. I have called Nissan UK and I have to call them back in 1/2 hour. Has any one else had problems getting this part.
Malfunction indicator light. - sarahcolin
I've got a Nissan Micra 03 reg, 5 door, 1.2s and I've got the exact same problem. I've had this light come on 3 times now, but it doesn't effect the driving of the car. My mechanic has run through this his computer and it says its the camshaft that's malfunctioning. He has replaced the light and it stayed off for about 6 weeks and then came on again! Is it worth going direct to Nissan with this? Its becoming extremely frustrating!!
Malfunction indicator light. - Screwloose

Sounds awfully like the normal stretched cam-chain flagging camshaft sensor codes due to synchronicity problems with the crank.

Get your garage to check the protrusion of the chain tensioner piston - more than 10mm and it's a new chain.
Malfunction indicator light. - nissanmicrak12
yes the problem was actually the o2 sensor i had this problem too , there was a faulty batch that went out , (i work at nissan)i heard about the problem so i got reg vardy to fix it and they changed the 02 sensor and it went away never had the problem again ,hope this helps :D
Malfunction indicator light. - dimitrix

I yust bought a Micra 2004 1.0 Petrol.Sorry for my bad English i am from Bosnia <*** class="inlineimg" style="position: relative; top: 2px; border: 0px initial initial;" title="Grinning" src="http://www.micra.org.uk/images/smilies/grinning.gif" border="0" alt="" /> i need your help with some problems first it has 60.000Km full servise history and evrything.But few days ago the car yust sudenly stopped.The guys from my local garage have sad that it yust an error in the memory and crankshaft sensor he fixed it.But yesterday the car yust stoped again but no engline light went on so i drove it later on the hihgway and the car yust AGAIN stopped but know the engine light went on.After i got it to my local garage and he sad that only te crankshaft sensor is making all the problems.The car runs smooth and pulls great but i am afraid of what might happen So PLZ HELP IS THIS THE O2 SENSOR and how much does it cost??

Malfunction indicator light. - gaz4leigh
i have a 53 plate nissan micra se. 3 days after the warranty ran out i got hte eml (engine managment light) come on. took it to the dealer i bought it from and they said they'll do nothing as warranty was out. cost me 130 for new sensor and the light stayed off for 3 weeks, came back on and same thing, another 130 quid for new sensor. went to start my car and nothing, car wants to turn over but wont (if ya know wat i mean). had someone from local garage to look at it and suprise suprise, the camshaft chain is loose. am now looking at £1000 + to get this fixed. ive looked all over net and this seems to be a massive common fault however nissan wont own up to it. they wont touch mine as i only got a part service done last time! ridiculous! also................car has only done 27k miles. done 16k and had the speedo changed?? miles stopped registering a week after i got it, then 11k on new speedo

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Malfunction indicator light. - Cwis
hi There,

sorry to bother you. I recently started to have the same problem with my 2001 Nissan Micra, K11 engine. I took it to my garage, where it has been put onto the fault reader, no code. After this my light was off for a while. Then it came back again, they again tried to read it and again no code. Then everything was ok for a while, and not long ago the light came back. I had couple of weeks when it was on/off.

I am wondering if you managed to sort your Micra problem, and if you could tell me what was the problem, as my garage seems to be puzzeld by it.

Thank you.

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Malfunction indicator light. - gaz4leigh
i think theres confusion with cam-belt and camshaft-chain ? lol. only coz ive been reading manual upon manual on my car :-)
03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - webby09
i have personally fixed a good few of these micras and the problem lies with the timing chain stretching. when the vehicle is put onto a diagnostic machine the fault that comes up is camshaft sensor. this is due to the chain stretching and slightly knocking the timing out of sync. it is a big job i.e engine out to make it easier so the bill will be high. the chains themselves only seem to last 20-30,000 miles depending on how there drove. i have contacted nissan many times as i personally think there should be a recall or some sort of an upgraded chain released. to be honest this is THE only fault i have ever come across with the micra but it is a major and expensive fault to rectify. hope this helps out somehow.
03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - samsimuk
sorry to drag up this post, i have the same prob wtih my 1.2 micra wont start straight away and cuts out continually when i dont warm the car up, revs dip quite low. I have been told its the cam chain if thats the right term. I dont know alot about cars my local mechanic works from his drive on my street! has told me its £400 for the parts and hes been honest and said he hast done one b4, so he needs to find out how much work is involved b4 he can quote me on how much? is this a good thing, he usually fixes german cars? Ive made my self aware that the £400 is for a complete kit is this nessecary? should he just buy the chain as the other parts may not need replacing? what would be a reasonable quote for labour?

03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - PaulWindy

As you have done a number of chains on the micra do you think it would be possible to do one on a 1.2 k12 with the engine in place as it looks possible !

03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - steel
eml light came on,got it plugged in.cam sensor fail came up.took the car down to my mate who worked at nissan main factory,he acctualy built these engines.took him about 30 mins to get to the tensinor.yes the chain was streched.it throws the timeing out, causing all sorts of problems. the car has done 61,000 m,its a 1.0 k12 53 plate.he said the cars should have been recalled.since renault got involved the quality of steel used for such items rapidly went down hill.i was very lucky,i borrowed a new throttle body, made no difference at all,tried different sensors,no different.all at no cost,thank god.my mate changed the chain,took him about 4hrs.car running like a dream.changed the chain only £75 from a auction site.£220 from nissan.yes there is a full kit at about £370,not req.checked otherparts for damage,nothing just the chain.so dont be fooled by expensive plug ins and sensors 9 times out of 10 it will be the chain.
03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - unthrottled

Timing chains stretch-who'd have thunk it?

Timing chains are a pain to change-who'd have thunk it again?

Can we go back to belts now please? The OEMs should just factor the cost of a timing belt change into the cost of new cars then offer a 'free' change at the correct intervals. For most cars that would only be a single change during the lifetime of the car.

03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - internet

I dont suppose for one minute you and your mate live in the derby area, happily pay £500 him to fit an new chain. Did he have to take the engine out..


03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - IC Engineering

You do remove the engine to replace the chain on the newer shape micra. I will happily replace the chain for 500 pounds, including an oil and filter change. My garage is in Warrington and we will recover / deliver your vehicle locally. The repair would ideally take 2 days to repair and test, although because we are a relatively small outfit and extremely busy I would require the car for upto 4 days. If you require my service, call 01925 637979. We are normally booked up for three weeks due to our popularity and trade services.

03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - TIm11
Hi all

My mother in law to be is having a similar problem. The car stalls when slowing for an intersection, the engine malfunction light is on permanently and when it stalls the battery and oil light comes on as well. Nissan ran diagnostics and decided she needs a new throttle body housing for R10 000.00 (Johannesburg, South Africa) or about 780 pounds. Does this sound plausible or is there an alternative?
03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - serf

Yes, get a used one from a breaker.... or even ebay

03 1.0 litre. Malfunction indicator light. - serf

Just been through the same with the wife's micra, Stalling / missing etc, Swapped throttle body, cam sensor, stuck it back on the computer, cleared the engine light, Next morning light back on... Pulled rocker cover off today, chain that slack you can pull it up about 15mm, tensioner looks 3/4 the way out.... So new chain etc on tomorrow Never seen a chocolate chain before... Car's done 37,000 !! I don't know how Nissan get away with it..

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