1.4 Immobiliser problem - saxo problem
Problems with my Saxo 1.4 furio

Basically i got in my car one morning to start the car & the immobiliser light kept flashing (coil light) when i turned the key and the engine wont start.

Garages wont touch my car as they said the immobiliser problems lays within my ECU as they come standard with immobilisers, although i have a toad alarm.

Took the car down to Citroen and they charged me £40 to diagnose the car. They told me the codes for the ECU, CDI unit and the key fob all match up n they suspect the problems lies within the toad alarm. They then tried charging me £300 quid to look at the wires on the car.

I now have no idea where i lie with this problem. Citroen are telling me it MIGHT be the alarm and the garages are tellin me its within the ECU.

Can anyone plz help me coz its costing me a lot of money at the min and its takin up a lot of my time towing the car bak and forth.

Is there anyway at all i can bypass the immobiliser as i have an alarm anyway? If not has anyone else got any ideas?

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1.4 Immobiliser problem - bell boy
consider doing this yourself as the first cheapest port of call
i know its a pewgot thread but under the steering column they are dead the same


1.4 Immobiliser problem - rachel!!!
I think my saxo has the same problem, i've had a look online but can't seem to find where i can get the reader coil assembly from can anyone help, website address, phone number anything?

Thanks in advance

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