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Heater motor only works on high speed setting - mr fix
Fault is heater resistor. exspensive part But can fix diy cheap.
Remove top part of dash ( 2 screw either side under speaker covers) once removed remove heater duct from n/s just above heater box

have a look at
here you will see the part and how to remove the resistor pack.

This is a fairly common fault and is down to a faulty resistor pack next to the fan motor. The resistor pack is relatively cheap, at £50 or so. Replacing the pack isn't trivial, although reader Barney Owsnett managed a home-made repair for next to no money at all. Barney:"Firstly, take out the pollen filter (if fitted) then get upside down in the passenger footwell and look up into the air chamber. You will see the resistor pack, but you won't have much of a chance carrying out the repair. Too get to the little beastie, I had to take off the top of the dash, as per the Haynes Manuel. Once that's out of the way, you will seen the left hand air vent tube, it's got a thin sponge cover. This has to be pulled from the centre console air ducting and from the left hand air vent. It does come off, it just needs a good 'yank'. Underneath this trunking, you will then see the top of the resistor pack and you can now undo the little grub screw that holds the resistor pack onto the air box. Once this is undone you can lift the resistor pack out and undo the electrical connections, 4 in total, with one underneath the sponge cover below the dash. The biggest of the 3 connections ia a bit of a funny set up, as you will see a red ribbed 'tab' at one end. This simply pulls away from the main body and as it does so, it releases the connection. The fuse is easily identified, as it's the only one there, simply cut off its 'legs' as close to the fuse as posible, and bend them up at right angles. Using a 5 amp 'Choc Block' connector, with the plastic cut off, screw one of them (2 small screws) onto each leg. Now take a new Thermal Fuse and bend its legs at right angles, you'll probably need to trim them down a bit, and screw the legs into the empty choc block connector. Once you have replaced the thermal fuse, it all goes back together in reverse order. Give yourself a big pat on the back as it's only cost you a few pence. The fuses are available over the counter at Maplins. Read the thermal fuse rating from the side of the old fuse before you throw it away, mine was 192c, thats the temperature it blows at. A nice cheap repair."

Informative, but who asked the question ??

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Heater motor only works on high speed setting - healer1943

I have the same problem with my Renault scenic grand 2 litre petrol I have been on to Renault spoke to a trace hosier on 08000723372 who says this is not a fault because not enough people have complained about this I ask her to look on this web site but she says that it is not Renault polices to go looking for faults people will have to go to them so if enough people complain about the heater blowers on their car they might do something about it hope this helps with their problems

Heater motor only works on high speed setting - Simon Bower

Cheers mate,repair has worked a treat on my 2001 megane 5dr,and didnt have to remove passenger side wiper as stated on other forums.

Heater motor only works on high speed setting - davey-boi

what size fuse did you use. i cant see any thing on mine i imagine there the same


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