alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - Westpig
i want to replace the space saver in an X Type estate and don't want to pay in excess of £280 for a new alloy... or buy second hand.. (would worry me what someone else might have done to it, when you're driving fully laden, with your family in, at speed).

my first cunning plan was to buy an X type steel one, but they only made them in 16" not the 17" i need

any ideas as to what alternative model car wheels would bolt right on?... Mondeo?

the tyre details are: 225/45 ZR17 91W
alternative 17 - adverse camber
I would ebay
(says the man that bought a set of 4 x 16" genuine audi alloys for £31 last week.)

however the Rochford tyres site has good info on wheel specs

says the jag is
Make - Jaguar Model - S Type Year - 99>
PCD - 5x108 Offset - 40 to 50 Bore - 63.4

Make - Ford Model - Mondeo 5 Stud Year - 00>
PCD - 5x108 Offset - 35 to 45 Bore - 63.4

So you would need to confirm that the offset is the same.

tbh I would want the same wheel if I was potentially going to leave it on the ar long term The figures only say so much - you have to look at clearance for the brakes and such like as well. (I have no idea what the clearance is like on Jags)

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alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - daltonman
I've got an x-type estate myself with the same wheels/tyres - are you sure a full-size spare will fit in the boot?
i didn't think it would unless you remove the 'polystyrene' tray that's under the boot floor.

I'm hoping other people are going to come along & prove me wrong, in which case I'll be very interested to hear what they say as I'd love to do the same thing myself!

alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - Westpig
i'm fairly sure the tray will need to be removed, but the side cupboards in the boot area are big enough to hold knick-knacks, so it's not the end of the world (even though one houses the cd player)

i don't want to buy anything from e-bay, because i'm worried i won't get the real thing e.g. a Chinese dodgy lookalike import or something as bad
alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - daltonman
I did a similar thing with my other car (a Rover75) which also came with a space-saver.

I was quoted (IIRC) £120 for a matching alloy (without tyre) from a Rover dealer, which was a bit steep so I declined.
About 4 weeks later I had a call from them saying another customer had upgraded his alloys & that I could buy one of his old ones (which matched mine) from them for £50, which I promtly did.

IS it worth asking your Jag dealer to keep his eyes open for something similar?

Obviously you need to be uber-careful if buying a 2nd-hand alloy.

alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - rover 75
Forgive me Gentlemen for changing the subject . I'm interested in your opinion of the X-type Estate after looking at one to replace my Rover Tourer I was rather underwhelmed regarding interior space and quality in addition I would have to spend 35k to get near the spec. on the Rover which of course it has a 17" spare................
alternative 17 - Carse

Could you not go for the 16" wheel and fit with a larger profile tyre hence providing the same rolling circumference?


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alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - daltonman
apologies to westpig for going off-topic...

rover 75 - i've had my 2.2d SE x-type estate for nearly 2yrs now & I'd say it's on a par with my R75 (2.5 conn SE), but is no better than it.
I originally bought the x-type to replace the rover, but after much hair-pulling decided that the r75 was too nice to get rid of. Maybe that says something?!
Having said that, the x-type estate is a cracking car - comfy, speedy & v.economical (I'm the kind of saddo who keeps a fuel log & it has done a genuine 46mpg average since I've had it). The only thing I would change is to specify 16" wheels instead of 17" - this may have given it the same comfy ride as the rover).
I wouldn't say the quality of the x-type is any worse than the r75 - I've not had any problems at all in 21,000 miles.
If you want to ask any other questions I can give you my personal email so that we're not hijacking the thread.

alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - Westpig
I'm perfectly comfortable with the thread hijack, thanks for considering it.

R75...I too endorse the X type estate I think it's a great car. Ours is a 2.0 D SE which is usually more than adequate and we've had it for 2.5 years...but...if you're a spirited driver, which I am, then i'm sure the 2.2D would be more appropriate for overtakes on A roads etc.

My S Type has 16" wheels and is most comfy, the X type has 17" wheels and whilst acceptable, is not as smooth and comfortable as i'd like, so i'd recommend the 16" wheels, if that's what you're after. Having said that the 17" wheels look good and the car handles very well for an estate, so it's the usual compromise.

back to the original post.......will i get away with 3 wheels as 17" and one with 16" with a different tyre? Can't say that immediately appeals. All i really want is a bog standard 17" steel wheel that will bolt right on and fit properly with the same sized tyre as the rest.
alternative 17" steel wheel suitable for X type - rover 75
Many thanks for your informative replies , my idea at the moment is to keep the Rover and only go for the Jaguar if forced (lack of spares or write off) and keep the estimated 25k to change in the Bank , unless the Chinese produce something to tempt me !By the way 15",16"and17" wheels all have the same rolling diameter for speedometer accuracy its just the tyre profile that changes so that 17" spare should fit in the boot .


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