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hi, i've got a 306 thats had problems for about 5months. The car overruns for about 3-5seconds after the key has been taken out of the ignition. This then forces the car into limp mode. Its had a new lifter pump, high pressure pump, all new filters and injectors cleaned. Peugeot originally said it needed a new ecu, had that sent off and checked at the ecu doctor, very helpful, was running in another car perfectly. They now reckon that there are bits floating round in the fuel system and say its gonna cost another £2500!!!!!!!! Already spent £2000Anyone get any ideas of what to do as i havent really got much money left? Can i flush the system out? Many thanks

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Bits floating in fuel after system re-build ? - Screwloose

Year and proper engine details are the bare minimum for any sensible answer.
Bits floating in fuel after system re-build ? - injection doc
If it has had all the above parts replaced or cleaned ( obviously linked to contamination of some sort even if its debris from a collasped high pressure pump) did it have the fuel tank removed & flushed? & if not why not?
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