Forward MOT tests - Lindsay
I remember reading in one of HJ's very informative books that you can have an MOT test carried out in advance of the expiry date of the current certificate. I cannot remember the time scale - is it one calendar month in advance?
Re: Forward MOT tests - John Kenyon
You can get an MOT done at any time on any age of vehicle.

However if you present the old certificate at the time of testing no earlier
than 28 days before expiry then the new certificate will run on from the first.
(i.e. it will be valid for one year + remainder of previous certificate)

Any earlier than this means that the certificate will be valid for 12 months only.

You would be advised to keep hold of the old MOT cert in any case.

Re: Forward MOT tests - John Slaughter

Hate to be picky with a spot on reply, but you can get a retest one month before expiry, rather than 28 days, according to the back of an MOT certificate.


Re: Forward MOT tests - John Kenyon
I couldn't remember if it was a month or 28 days - I chose 28 to be on the safe side.

But if your MOT is due between March 1st and March 27th then
you do only have 28 days, provided its not a leap year :)


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